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HBO recently aired the long-awaited finale to season 2 of its hit teen drama, Euphoria. To posit that fans had a lot to say about the final episode would be an understatement–they couldn’t stop tweeting their reactions to it.

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Nowadays, when viewers want to express their thoughts on a show in one succinct moment, they’ll make a meme–and Euphoria fans are no different. Whether good or bad, they haven’t stopped turning their finale takes into hilarious images.

There were a lot of unanswered questions leading into the season 2 finale–and fans didn’t get too many answers. Viewers have been trying to make sense of some of the things that happened to no avail. Somehow Rue came over and talked about “seeing” Lexi’s play, but then that interaction turned out to be a scene within the play, which was confusing, to say the least.

This was just one more season 2 plotline that hasn’t made any sense. Additionally, fans have been frantically trying to figure out what is going to happen to Fez, whether Lexi finds out about him, and why Rue skipped her narration to the end of the school year. In a lot of ways, audiences have been feeling like Charlie and his wild wall of connections and theories.

The r/euphoria thread has been filled with finale memes from fans as well, and they haven’t held anything back in terms of their disappointment with the final season 2 episode. In a meme made by Redditor FaithlessnessLife531, Homer Simpson is tucked into bed, eyes glaring at the ceiling.

Audiences have been pretty vocal online about their anger at the underwhelming nature of the finale. Not to mention the countless fans who desperately wanted to see Fez and Lexi come together and instead saw them viciously ripped apart. Between the beloved character deaths and confusing plot, fans were feeling just like this meme.

It seems like Ashtray didn’t learn his lesson from the fallout of killing Mouse. He may be young, but as fans saw in a heartbreaking montage in the season 2 premiere, Ashtray was forced to grow up a lot faster than the average kid.

Because of his upbringing and the lifestyle that Fez and Ash lead, Ash feels like an adult without actually having the capacity to make adult decisions. As a result, his kneejerk reaction to fix problems is violence. His intuition about people was always spot on, but his predilection for stabbing and beating people to death ended up being his downfall in the end.

User @BridgeBaga wasn’t the only one that felt like “Elliot’s Song” was weirdly out-of-place. However, this meme’s focus was on the dissonance between Elliot and Rue’s scene and the devastating events taking place before and after it.

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In clock_working‘s meme, they list off all of the things happening in the finale, like Ashtray being shot to death, Fez being shot and taken in by a SWAT team, Cassie and Maddy finally duking it out onstage, Rue being in massive debt to a dangerous drug dealer, and then finally Elliot’s face put over Julie Andrews’ in The Sound Of Music saying “Anyway, here’s wonderwall.”

Fans were thrilled when it was released that Euphoria had been renewed for a third season. But, that joy was short-lived when they heard the rumor that season 3 wouldn’t be airing until 2024. Viewers have built a really strong community while discussing the second season, making Reddit discussion boards and funny TikToks to bond with other fans.

Now, with another 2-year gap between seasons, fans don’t know what they’re going to do to pass the time or talk about passionately online with like-minded people. This picture of The Office‘s Kelly looking utterly defeated and sad perfectly represents how fans are feeling about waiting.

Fans know that Cal and Nate have competed for the role of biggest villain on the show, and it seemed like Nate finally ended their rivalry in the season 2 finale, sending Cal to jail for his relationship with Jules. Obviously, he’s going to have a lot of resentment toward Nate for being the reason that he’s locked up.

This makes three people jailed on the show who definitely have vendettas against Nate. For starters, Nate lied and got Tyler wrongfully arrested, meanwhile Fezco is now in custody and he disliked Nate enough to beat him to a pulp in the season 2 premiere. So, a fan made this photo edit of all three of Nate Jacobs’ enemies bonding in a jail cell.

A new trend that’s going around the Euphoria fandom is creating faux YouTube videos for each of the characters as if they were YouTubers. They include makeup routines, interviews, and storytimes–all having to do with what the characters have been going through on the show.

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Redditor taziiscool posted this version of the trend to the r/euphoria page and it couldn’t be more accurate. Lexi infuriated Nate Jacobs and everyone in the auditorium was laughing at the “Jake” scenes. While Nate huffed that the dance number was homophobic, many believe it to be a statement about the homoerotic nature of hyper-masculine activities like football and the ironic homophobic attitude of those involved. With Nate’s reaction, it would be completely understandable for Lexi to be nervous about his next move.

Fans were eagerly waiting for Maddy to finally confront Cassie about everything that went down with Nate. In one of the best scenes in Lexi’s play, viewers got a deeper look at Maddy’s friendship with Lexi, and how they became quite close as well.

It was touching to see that Maddy didn’t even consider disrupting Lexi’s play until she saw Cassie trying to ruin it for Lexi and embarrass her in front of everyone. As Maddy ran onstage to fight Cassie, both BB and Kat chased after her. Kat was the angel on Maddy’s shoulder, telling her to stop, but BB was the devil on the other side, telling her to go for it.

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