10 Ways To Spot A Narcissist

Chances are at some point during your life you’ve encountered a narcissist.

Possibly a family member who thinks they are smarter and better at everything than you

Or maybe a friend who manages to make everything about themselves and nobody else.

Interacting or having a narcissist can be draining but how do you spot one?

Here are 10 ways to spot a narcissist

1 – They’re extremely likeable at least at first – Narcissists are great at first impressions and come across as very charismatic and personable that’s why they perform well in job interviews but their perfect, positive image never lasts long

2 – They always manage to make the conversation about themselves – Narcissists always manage to make everything about themselves, you could be talking about how your mom is sick and soon you’ll be hearing about the new car they just brought

3 – They like materialistic things – I’m not saying all shopaholics or all materialistic people are narcissists but one of the hallmark traits of narcissism is the desire to display high statues and that is done with material items.

4 – Appearance is everything to them – Narcissists are not necessarily more attractive than other people but they do take care of their appearance as they place an importance on looking physically attractive

5 – They hate criticism – Nobody likes to receive criticism but narcissist hate it and are hyper sensitive to it

6 – They blame everyone else – Narcissists tend to blame and pin the blame on everyone but themselves, they are excellent at making excuses.

7 – They are entitled – Narcissist believe they are superior to everyone else and deserve special treatment, they also believe others should be obedient to their wishes and rules don’t apply to them

8 – They are manipulative – Narcissists may be nice to you at first but eventually their own needs will come first, they will try everything to get what they want, manipulation, exploitation and controlling behaviour

9 – They need admiration – Narcissists need constant praise or admiration to boost their already massive ego.

10 – They lack empathy – Narcissist are unable or unwilling to empathise with the needs, wants or feelings of other people.

Do you recognise any of these signs in someone you know? Do you think you know anyone who is a narcissist?

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