24 Fresh Cat Shames Because These Hooligans Deserve It

Can you guys guess the animal that we here at ICanHasCheezburger are the most whipped for ever? It’s easy – it’s cats. Yup, we’re weak for cats. We love cats when they’re being cute and adorable, and we love cats when they’re being jerks. That’s how weak for them we are. No matter how many of our things our cats break, no matter how many times cats steal our food right off our plates or how many of our Christmas trees cats ruin, we love them. 

But… we also must shame them sometimes. So, get ready for a new collection of little furballs being shamed for completely reasonable reasons. They deserve it. And even though they do not care one bit about being shamed, for us, it’s a coping mechanism, and we are not ashamed either. 


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Written by mettablog

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