30 Celebrities Who Have Openly Displayed Their Immense Love For Dogs (New Pics)

Other than appreciating stars simply for their skills like acting or singing, a lot of us tend to like those superstars that we can associate with. Who wouldn’’ t desire to relate to Jackie Chan or Ariana Grande, am I?

I’’d state among the most widely relatable subjects is the love individuals have for pet dogs. Even Hollywood stars with super-busy way of lives do not quit on having a pet in the house and sharing valuable minutes invested together on social networks.

I scrolled through stars’ ’ Instagram and Twitter accounts and discovered some brand-new cute photos of them with their furry buddies. If you’’d like to see more pet dogs with popular owners, have a look at my previous post .

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# 1 Jackie Chan

Image credits: Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan, for instance, has 2 golden retrievers that have actually been with him for several years. Despite the fact that both pet dogs are getting old now and having health issue, Jackie mentions how fortunate they are compared to the lonesome roaming pets on the streets. Jackie composed: ““ In assistance of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Organization in Asia), I’’d like to make an attract all animal enthusiasts worldwide, attempt embracing a family pet rather of purchasing commercially reproduced animals. I hope everybody can be more thoughtful towards roaming pet dogs, roaming felines, and other roaming animals. This year is the year of the canine, and I’’d like to take this chance with JJ and Jones to send you our well wants!””

# 2 Emilia Clarke

Image credits: Emilia Clarke

# 3 Justin Theroux

Image credits: Justin Theroux

Another star who is a fan of embracing canines is George Clooney. San Gabriel Valley Humane Society thanked him and his partner in a post: “ Millie was embraced by George Clooney and his spouse “Amal !! Millie, a Bassett hound, now has a brand-new bro called Louie who is likewise a rescue! Congratulations and thank you for embracing !! ”

# 4 Sylvester Stallone

Image credits: Sylvester Stallone

# 5 George Clooney

Image credits: George Clooney

“ A number of months ago a UHaul truck was discovered deserted by the side of“the roadway in Las Vegas. When law enforcement officers opened the truck they discovered over 160 Pomeranians pushed 2 to 3 in cages just huge enough for one canine. They were entrusted to no food. No water. No fresh air, ” Katherine Heigl discussed how she concerned embrace her young puppy. “ One of them discovered his house with me … satisfy the most recent member of the Kelley household Sergeant General Major Sir. Called for his commanding and in charge character. We like to call him Sergeant Snuggles … he is not entertained by this label. ”

# 6 Danny Trejo

Image credits: Danny Trejo

# 7 David Beckham

Image credits: David Beckham

Drew Barrymore cares deeply about saving pet dogs. “ This is my Douglas. He is a rescue from the San Fernando Valley. With all floods and fires and disaster that have actually altered the lives of individuals over night in our nation, lots of individuals have animals that are household members. Animals require us too, ” she composed on Instagram.

# 8 Drew Barrymore

Image credits: Drew Barrymore

# 9 Lionel Messi

Image credits: Lionel Messi

# 10 Lily Collins

Image credits: Lily Collins

# 11 Ashley Tisdale

Image credits: Ashley Tisdale

# 12 Heidi Klum

Image credits: Heidi Klum

# 13 Nina Dobrev

Image credits: Nina Dobrev

# 14 Kaley Cuoco

Image credits: Kaley Cuoco

# 15 Kate Beckinsale

Image credits: Kate Beckinsale

# 16 Selena Gomez

Image credits: Selena Gomez

# 17 Sofia Vergara

Image credits: Sofia Vergara

# 18 Mickey Rourke

Image credits: Mickey Rourke

# 19 Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas

Image credits: Priyanka Chopra

# 20 Katherine Heigl

Image credits: Katherine Heigl

# 21 Sarah Silverman

Image credits: Sarah Silverman

# 22 Ariana Grande

Image credits: Ariana Grande

# 23 Andy Cohen

Image credits: Andy Cohen

# 24 Sergey Lazarev

Image credits: Sergey Lazarev

# 25 James Middleton

Image credits: James Middleton

# 26 Emily Ratajkowski

Image credits: Emily Ratajkowski

# 27 Miranda Kerr

Image credits: Miranda Kerr

# 28 Lana Condor

Image credits: Lana Condor

# 29 Jenny Slate

Image credits: Jenny Slate

# 30 Josh Groban

Image credits: Josh Groban


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