30 Examples Of Modern Day Dystopia That Might Inspire You To Change Something (New Pics)

In 1982, ‘Blade Runner’ introduced us to a bleak vision of what the year 2019 might look like: evil corporations rule the world, the planet is polluted beyond repair, and people suffer in destitute conditions.

But although 2019 passed without any androids running amok, we still live in a world not far from that idea. And it seems that this dystopic future has arrived sooner than expected.

Bored Panda has found the perfect subreddit that shows us examples of how we are living in this strange reality. r/ABoringDystopia holds a mirror up to our society and makes us feel uneasy over the influence of capitalism on our lives.

We’ve allowed these disturbing issues to happen without us realizing it, almost to the point that it’s become predictable. And this is where the term ‘boring dystopia’ comes from. You can read more about it from Bored Panda here and here

Read on to see my interview with John A. Lancaster and his expert take on the current state of the economy and the situation with COVID-19.

#1 “Who’s Going To Pay For It?”

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The posts shared here emphasize how greed and a lack of empathy affect the daily lives of people worldwide. With the cost of living seemingly out of reach for the everyday person, we have to ask ourselves: how did things get so bad?

I asked John A. Lancaster what we should expect from the economy in the near future. Being a political commentator who gives straightforward and concise takes on the most controversial issues, John told Bored Panda, “Assuming there won’t be any more lockdowns, a significant issue to worry about is the return of ‘Industry Policy’, which is basically the government subsidizing certain industries in hopes of spurring development and innovation in those industries.”

#2 Essential Employee

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He explained further about the issues that ‘Industry Policy’ can produce: “This means that vast amounts of funds can be (and practically always are) squandered on economically unpromising projects with little to no consequences to the government officials. These officials are going to get reimbursed with tax revenue regardless of how their subsides pan out financially.”

John considers that ‘Industrial Policy’ is: “an extremely inefficient way to boost innovation that wastes immense amount of money and resources that would have been best left up to private firms.”

He also drives home the point about where the control of money lies and the transfer of the money to the government. John notes that: “It’s important to note that government funds come from the tax paying public. Whenever there is a push to ‘stimulate’ new jobs, money is being taken from the public and directed as bureaucrats and elected officials see fit. When this happens wealth is not being created, but redistributed.”

#3 In America, We Got Celebrities Singing Imagine

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#4 Pretty Weird…

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So businesses under the ‘Industry Policy’ profited massively, whilst the people that needed help the most, struggled to survive and make ends meet.

Regarding the government’s control of the finances, John also raised an important question: “If the general public would’ve preferred to spend their money in different ways than the government, then how beneficial are the government ventures and what was potentially sacrificed for those ventures?”

You can see from the ‘boring dystopia’ subreddit exactly how people across the globe have been affected. There’s the illogical ideas put forward by these businesses that are meant to help people, but do anything but that. And astounding hypocrisy of the rich and powerful.

#5 Apparently Actually Reading A Bill Before You Vote Is Cause For Hilarity

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#6 Found In The UK

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#7 ‘Murica

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It makes you think twice about who’s running the world and if they should really have this much power. These are some of our top selections from the subreddit. These examples are a cautionary reminder to reflect on society, and question what we should consider the norm. We hold the power to make a change to our society, so we should make it a positive one.

#8 Seems About Right

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#9 You Think 4 Billion People Could Take The 8 In A Fight

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#10 When People Try To Act Like Companies It’s Illegal

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#11 [Screw] Me

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#12 The Ruling Class Wins Either Way

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#13 You Can’t Afford A Home, But You Can Pay Rent

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#14 And Call People Back

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#15 Only The Rich Can Be Brave

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#16 What I Got For ‘Employee Appreciation’ After Working An Entire Year During A Pandemic

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#17 $280,000,000,000

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#18 This Might Be Too Crazy But Hear Me Out, The System May Be Rigged

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#19 All Too Common

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#20 Why Did Blue Collar Become Unskilled Labor?

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#21 Oh Fun

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#22 Did You Know We Don’t Pay Our Servers A Living Wage?

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#23 Bc Itd Be Just Horrible If Homeless People Were Allowed To Sleep

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#24 Billionaires

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#25 They Used The Key Word

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#26 The Truth

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#27 Look At The Bright Side

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#28 Casual Price Gouging

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#29 Glad Critical Medical Care Is Being Taken Care Of By Private Companies That Definitely Give A Sh*t

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#30 Which Timeline Is This???

“Bruh Walmart has removed nearly all of their stock of video games except for those rated E for Everyone but still has the audacity to keep their entire gun section”

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