40 Not-So-Fun Facts That People In This Online Group Can’t Forget About

It is said that knowledge is power and with every day people learn more and more by experiencing things or hearing it from others. Some of the information that we hear not only is useful but also draws our interest in a specific topic or field. There is also another type of information that can be not so intriguing and even seem scary. But facts are facts no matter what.

Having this in mind, a Reddit user asked other people online “What are some not so fun facts?” and soon members started sharing things that might be interesting as well as disturbing. 

Here are 44 best facts out of 10k replies shared by members of Reddit. Which one of these do you find the most interesting? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments down below!

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#1Crows are currently experiencing their stone age, but we will never see cool modern crows because we will be long gone before they reach the next stage.

Basically they have been creating tools which researchers are saying are actually more advanced than ones that early humans made. They also have been studied domesticating wolves! They hunt with them, sleep with them, and individual crows have been seen specifically bonding with individual dogs, like humans do with pets.

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#2On 9/11, firefighters had to hide in the rubble for the rescue dogs to find because they kept getting depressed that they couldn’t find anyone alive.

Image credits: DmitriPetrovBitch

#3A woman’s cancer cells were preserved and found to be practically immortal. This led to a ton of discoveries and breakthroughs in the medical field. Her family still cannot afford their own medical bills and this was all done without their knowledge or consent.

Her name was Henrietta Lacks. She passed away in 1951 from cancer. She was black and very poor and didn’t get great care in the hospital. A doctor had been looking for cells that lasted longer and harvested her cells, separating the cancerous and healthy cells. The healthy cells died while the cancer cells seemingly never stopped replicating.

Her cells are named HeLa cells and have replicated so many times apparently they’d weigh a total more than 50 million metric tons. A pseudonym for her has been Helen Lane. She didn’t know her cells were taken and neither did her family until way later. The family has been through a lot.

If you want to know more, I highly suggest reading the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I couldn’t put the book down. There apparently is also a movie about her life.

Image credits: amairoc

#4The number one cause of death for pregnant women worldwide is Murder. Horrific to think about.

Image credits: Generic_Username7921

#5Anne Frank and Martin Luthor King Jr were born in the same year.

Image credits: BackwardsLongJump-

#6Pluto didn’t even make a full orbit of the sun from its discovery to its demotion.

Image credits: MapleHertzoggie

#7Betty White is older than WW2 and sliced bread.

Image credits: dooby34

#8You’re more likely to survive being shot in the head than rabies.

Image credits: DragonsAreReal210

#9People joke about Australia having dangerous animals of all kinds. However, no. 1 enemy to Australians is the sun.

Australia has the highest skin cancer rate in the world. An average Australian is four times likely to get skin cancer than any other type of cancer, and two thirds of Australians will probably get it by the age of seventy.

Image credits: BizarroCullen

#10At any time, your body could make a mistake while fighting an infection/virus and register a vital type of cell as unwanted for the rest of your life.

Image credits: strawberryklutz

#11The creator of Plants vs. Zombies was fired from EA because he hated the idea of microtransactions.

Image credits: minemaster1337

#12The TSA missed 96% of contraband during an inspection in 2015.

Image credits: Hollywood899

#13Roughly 40% of murders go unsolved.

Image credits: Shagrrotten

#14Vet tech here … most of our older pets don’t die of old age, they die of cancer. It sucks.

There’s no way to prevent cancer. It’s a mutation of cells. However, to keep your good boi or gurl with you longer some things that really make a difference: a quality diet (please don’t feed them the cheapest stuff, it’s like humans eating the cheapest foods; not terribly healthy though it may fill all the nutritional requirements), all the regular vaccines (for the love of Dog, make sure you get your puppies the Parvo vaccine!), and a good flea/tick and heart worm preventative. Exercise and not letting them become overweight, and regular dentals are even better!

Also, screw you if you buy your vaccines for your domestic pets at the feed store or the tractor supply (talking dogs and cats here, not large farm animals). Just because it’s cheaper and has the same chemical name doesn’t mean you’re giving the right dose, amount, at the proper location, or getting the assurance that those vaccines have been treated and stored in the correct manner. You get what you pay for.

Image credits: Rabeque

#15There’s a wasp in Australia that hunts spiders.

It doesn’t eat them, though. It paralyses them, makes a little mud cocoon for each one, and before sealing it off, lays a single egg on the now trapped spider.

The egg hatches, the larva eats the still alive (and still paralysed) spider, and then breaks out of the cocoon as a wasp.

Turns out they’re all over the world, not just Australia. If you see a wasp dragging a spider, that’s what’s going on.

Image credits: pinkpanzer101

#16Mushrooms are more like humans than plants.

Image credits: MeatWad111

#17In 2006, a team of scientific researchers in Iceland were gathering clams in order to study the effects of climate change. They froze the clams, which ended up killing them. They ended up killing the oldest known clam still left alive, nicknamed, “Ming”, which was 507 years old.

Image credits: hostilecarrot

#18Persistent hiccups can be stopped with a digital rectal massage (aka finger up the a**)

Image credits: recklessspirit

#19Every Cruise ship has a morgue.

Image credits: Official_Zach55

#20Diarrhea kills 2,195 children every day—more than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined.

Image credits: Reverse_Waterfall

#21We’re closer to the year 2051 than we are 1991.

Image credits: sroche24

#22That in all likelihood your name will be forgotten after 2 generations.

Image credits: devildance3

#23During the bubonic plague the Mongolians launched infected dead bodies over the walls of different civilizations.

Image credits: ShareAcademic9945

#24In WW2 allied scientists stuffed dead rats with explosives to aid French resistance fighter who would leave them in factories to be thrown in furnaces and detonated.

Image credits: tuckerdoodle2

#2595% of whale semen is dumped into the ocean during mating.

Image credits: CrippledHuman

#26A gorillas schlong is on average 2 inches or less. Guess what, human males on average pack 4-5 inches, which is more firepower than a gorilla; congrats.

Image credits: TheCerealKilled

#27Your bones are wet.

Image credits: FoxTailedGamer

#28Everyone celebrates their birthday each year. But we also have a “deathday” we unknowingly pass each year but because it hasnt happened we dont know which day.

Image credits: SoccerGamerGuy7

#29A gamma Ray burst from space could hit us at anytime and we have no way of detecting them before it happens, we’ll all just pass away instantly.

Image credits: bluewardog

#30About 50 kids in the US are backed over by cars every week.

Image credits: overengineered

#31False Vacuum Decay – the entire universe could blink out of existence in (from our perspective) an instant.

Image credits: BeigePhilip

#32Some tumors grow teeth and hair.

Image credits: padraigharrington2

#33The average number of arms/legs a human has is less than 2.#34The funny T Pose that an anteater does? Yeah that’s Mr. Anteater telling you hes seconds away from literally disemboweling you with one swipe. Next time you see an anteater doing the funny pose just remember they are trying to give you a free C-section with one singular claw slash.

Image credits: Franks_Spice_Sauce

#35There is only one Pokémon that cannot learn any normal type attacks, and that Pokémon is Weedle.

Image credits: BackwardsLongJump-

#36Orcas can skin penguins.

Image credits: Yu_jinie

#37Ted Cruz is younger than Gwen Stefani.#38Dentists have the highest suicide rate of all doctors.

Image credits: TheRoxzo

#39Suicide Squad has won more Academy Awards than The Shawshank Redemption.

Image credits: honeybeeMA

#40Harriet Tubman was a spy for the Union army and gave them lots of good information but she never received a pension or got military burial due to her race and gender.

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