40 Pawesome Pet Tattoos Alongside The Animal Inspiration

Animal lovers who also happen to be tattoo lovers? Yeah, we might have just raised our own hands. Today, we came across some totally pawesome pet inspired ink. Tattoo lovers know that an amazing way to carry something meaningful with them forever is to ink it onto their bodies! Tattoos have become increasingly popular over the years and many loyal pet owners have chosen to make their bonds permanent. 

We love this concept and are amazed by the beautiful artistic interpretations of our beloved pets! Warning, you may become inspired by this concept and head out to your local tattoo shop upon completion of your scrolling enjoyment. Get your ink on and immortalize your beloved pets! If tattoos aren’t your thing, which is totally okay, there are also many artists who do pet paintings and portraits, for the less permanent art lovers amongst us. Enjoy!


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Written by mettablog

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