6 Stages of the Employee Life Cycle: Excelling in Each

Every staff member at your company has their own story, a distinct journey that has actually formed them and impacted your business in turn. Comprehending these journeys —– and how your company can change them for the much better —– is among HR’’ s essential duties.


Fortunately, while each staff member ’ s experience is individual, they likewise have some crucial resemblances. Every story will include how the worker found out about your company, how they were hired and onboarded, why they’’ ve stuck with your business, and how their time at your company has actually altered them. These resemblances form the basis of the staff member life process —– a design for comprehending the staff member experience and increasing engagement throughout each phase of the worker journey.

.What is the worker life process —– and why does it matter?

The worker life process is a structure that HR can utilize to see the actions workers advance through throughout their time with a company. Typically made up of 5 to 6 phases including preliminary tourist attraction to ultimate separation, the staff member life process design is an exceptional tool for strengthening HR’’ s comprehend on how staff members engage with their companies at various points in their profession trajectory.

HR experts can utilize the staff member life process to make sure staff member are regularly engaged and carry out at their finest. By seeing the staff member experience through a holistic, linked lens, they can much better identify where their efforts will make the best effect, whether that’’ s upgrading your company’’ s onboarding procedure or improving its culture and brand name to bring in the very best skill


The worker life process lets HR see the worker experience with the exact same critical eye as marketing specialists dissect the client experience. A client journey map offers assistance for taking potential customers through the funnel from their very first interaction with a brand name to conversion and beyond, exposing locations where consumers leave of the procedure and how to resolve them. Carefully examining the staff member life cycle reveals what elements are adversely impacting the worker experience and how to finest engage your whole labor force.

.Staff member life process studies.

The aspects that cause worker engagement are special for every single employee, and they alter in time, so you require a method to study staff members at every phase of their journey. With staff member life process studies, you can do precisely that. Life process studies offer insight into how workers feel about your business at the crucial minutes of their experience, whether they’’ ve simply been worked with, got a promo, or chose to leave.

With an staff member engagement service that keeps all actions completely anonymized and private, your employee will share how they truthfully feel about your business. HR and supervisors can then utilize this information to both increase worker engagement at your company and much better craft your brand name’’ s image to draw in the skill you require.

. The 6 phases of the worker life process.

Each phase of the staff member life process is a vital part of an employee’’ s journey at your company. Here ’ s a guide on all 6 phases, consisting of how you can enhance each and what concerns associated with each you need to ask by yourself staff member life process study.

.Tourist attraction.

A worker’’ s journey with your company doesn ’ t start with the recruitment procedure. It starts with the very first time they become aware of your brand name. The very best staff members won’’ t sign up with a business that doesn ’ t represent the absolute best itself. The power of company brand name is extremely genuine: 55% of task hunters will stop using after checking out unfavorable evaluations about a business, and a shocking 92% of people would think about leaving their present task for a chance with a business that has a fantastic track record.

How can you begin making your company someplace the leading skill wishes to be? Following these practices is an excellent start.

.Construct a culture of acknowledgment.

There are couple of things staff members worth more than feeling valued. Reflect to the last time you got acknowledgment at work. Whether it was from a peer, supervisor, or perhaps a member of your company’’ s management group, it stuck to you, didn ’ t it? It ’ s no surprise that acknowledgment has the biggest effect on worker engagement and companies that rank their culture of acknowledgment extremely are 79% more most likely to rank their company brand name extremely.


Saying “ thank you ” every so frequently isn ’ t going to attract workers to join your business,However You require “to make acknowledgment a part of every employee ’ s everyday experience to construct a credibility as a company that values all staff members.


Start by motivating regular social and financial acknowledgment, ideally by embracing a worker acknowledgment platform that ’ s simple for everybody to utilize. Organizations that practice acknowledgment often are 41% most likely to see better staff member retention and 34% most likely to see staff member engagement. Motivate group members at all levels, from personnel to management, to get included. Acknowledgment programs that consist of a peer-to-peer element are more efficient than those that put on ’ t . And staff members keep in mind acknowledgment from supervisors and other leaders finest .


While all employee can offer social acknowledgment, financial acknowledgment is frequently the sole domain of HR and management. You can get every worker included by embracing a platform with a points-based benefit system. Staff member can award each other points that they can then redeem for benefits in your platform ’ s brochure. From present cards to memorable experiences to products they ’ ve constantly desired, staff members will like choosing benefits that are significant to them– and word of your business ’ s fantastic acknowledgment system will attract more fantastic skill.

. Deal fantastic rewards.

Recognition is an extremely effective tool, however you require to match it with similarly appealing rewards . These variety from the apparent– like payment, medical insurance, and retirement advantages– to rewards you might not have actually thought about. Revenue sharing, tuition compensation, and even extra versatility in when workers work and what they work on are all excellent methods to incentivize prospects to join your business– and to encourage your present labor force.

. Discover what staff members like about your business. If you ’ re not sure why your workers have actually stuck with it, #ppppp> It ’ s hard to offer possible prospects on your company. As soon as you discover what engages your staff members, you ’ ll have the ability to double down on it and display it to the’world. Utilize an engagement platform with staff member life process studies to routinely gather this details from all staff member. In the studies, ask what at first brought in workers’to your company, what they like finest about it, and what they believe might be enhanced to improve their experience.

. Market your brand name.

None of the practices above will matter if you put on ’ t let individuals outside your company learn about them, so marketing your company brand name is a must. You must begin by establishing your business site and social networks existence. This will be numerous prospective prospects ’ initially intro to your business, and a bad user experience can sour what would otherwise be a long, efficient relationship. Make sure that your online channels are expert and emphasize why your company is a remarkable location to work. Taking part in digital marketing efforts, like promoting your brand name on social networks and interacting with your target prospects on the platforms they prefer, is another exceptional method to develop your brand name as one staff members wish to sign up with.

. Recruitment.

The recruitment procedure isn ’ t almost examining and picking prospects. It ’ s likewise an opportunity for prospects to get a better take a look at your business and choose whether it ’ s an excellent suitable for them. Hiring staff members who line up with your culture can favorably affect all subsequent phases of the worker life process. Attempt the pointers listed below to establish a winning recruitment procedure that brings’in the best individuals.

. When employing, focus on variety.

Developing a varied labor force has numerous advantages . Varied business see a greaterbottom line , much better staff member efficiency , and even greater capital per worker .


Building a varied labor force begins with hiring varied prospects. To prioritize variety and addition when employing , take actions to prevent any predisposition throughout the interview procedure. You can develop varied groups of job interviewers and train them on how to combat their own unconscious predisposition, in addition to topics that they need to prevent throughout interviews. You must likewise prevent restricting yourself to just a few recruiting opportunities. Rather, inform yourself on all the channels today ’ s varied labor force utilizes, and after that utilize them to engage with possible prospects. Ask concerns that expose variety of believed in your prospects and focus on integrating brand-new point of views to keep your company crucial and fresh.

. Adjust your procedure for remote recruiting.

Many companies have actually currently moved most or all of their recruitment’procedure online, however employing remote workers includes even more than merely embracing the needed innovation. Workers have differing presumptions when it pertains to how remote work functions, so be direct on where, when, and how they ’ ll be anticipated to work. Keep the employing procedure as common as possible by consisting of extra staff member in virtual interviews. And make sure that you ’ ve kept your procedure as comprehensive as it would be if you were hiring personally, as generating the best individuals is simply as crucial as ever.

. Enhance recruitment with worker life process studies.

Employee life process studies assist your company tweak its recruitment procedure. Ask brand-new hires what they enjoyed about their working with experience and what might be enhanced. You can likewise take their temperature level on a range of essential engagement elements and after that see how their sensations alter gradually, offering you important insight into how your company impacts brand-new hires.


Onboarding is that important action after recruitment including whatever required to turn your prospect into a high-performing, acclimated worker. Interacting the subtleties of the staff member ’ s brand-new position, dealing with administrative jobs, presenting them to your organizational culture– onboarding includes a lot, and it ’ s challenging .It can make the distinction in between an effective group member and one who has a hard time and ultimately leaves early.

. When onboarding brand-new workers and you ’ ll have actually mastered this part of the staff member life cycle, #ppppp> Follow these concepts.

. Make it a constant procedure.

Onboarding shouldn ’ t pulled up after 2 weeks or a month. While this will likely be the most extreme stage of onboarding, enforcing any sort of tough stop to the onboarding procedure leaves staff members feeling adrift. Rather, integrate in elements of onboarding that continue for a minimum of the very first year the brand-new worker is with your company, like routine check-ins and training refreshers or updates. Preserving this connection will keep staff memberson track and engaged for the preliminary phase of their work and beyond.

. Include training.

Having a coach or coach can make all the distinction for workers simply joining your company. Whether it ’ s a supervisor or merely a more skilled peer, a coach exists to motivate, guide, and assistance throughout both great times and bad . Set up an official training program and view the relationships in between your brand-new staff members and veterans grow.

. Plainly specify the staff member ’ s function.

It might appear apparent, however if a worker doesn ’ t understand precisely what their function involves, they ’ re not going to’be successful at your business. Badly crafted task descriptions– or stopping working to unambiguously interact the expectations and duties of the brand-new worker– will cause confusion and disappointment. Thoroughly show and talk about whatever associated to the staff member ’ s position, and motivate the worker to ask concerns early and frequently to clarify anything they wear’ t comprehend.

. Consist of workers beyond brand-new hires.

Onboarding isn ’ t simply — for brand-new hires . Numerous shifts within your company require onboarding, and overlooking these staff members can leave them feeling lost and not able to change. Workers returning from adult or medical leave, transitioning from part-time to full-time, or perhaps rejoining the business after a stint in other places require assistance getting up to speed and’reorienting themselves.

. Retention.

The obstacle of maintaining a worker starts as quickly as they are worked with. It ’ s on your company to make your employee ’ trust and show that it deserves their ongoing commitment day in and day out. The good news is, a lot of the very best methods to enhance worker retention are the exact same as those your company needs to currently be focusing on to hire and draw in skill. Practicing acknowledgment , establishing a winning culture, and concentrating on the quality of group leaders are all reliable methods to improve retention .


And of course, asking the ideal concerns in your staff member life cycle study is crucial. You can determine your development on retention by asking staff members whether they see themselves at your company in 5 years or whether they ’d suggest your business to a buddy looking for work. You can likewise get information on the retention elements gone over above through worker life process and pulse studies to see whether you ’ re effectively focusing on the important things that drive retention atyour company.

. Advancement.

The advancement phase of the staff member life process consists of whatever that assists your staff members develop within your company, from advancing in their profession to finding out brand-new abilities. This is the part of the worker life process that can take your company to brand-new heights. Expert advancement is a win-win, empowering your staff member to attain things they never ever believed possible while promoting a labor force that provides for your clients each time.


Developing’your labor force impacts every other part of the staff member life cycle. Your staff members are much more most likely to stay with your business if it tangibly shows its financial investment in them, and every staff member wishes to sign up with a company that supports their development. Even workers who choose to proceed from your company will constantly remember what you did to assist them on their method, and they ’ ll want to pay back the favor nevertheless they can.


Workforce advancement starts with a constant knowing technique that sees every day and job as an opportunity toenhance an ability or find something brand-new. Empower staff members to pursue advancement chances, whether that takes the type of compensation for a workshop or covering the expense of tuition for a postgraduate degree. You ought to likewise motivate understanding sharing within your company through training and routine conferences where staff members can share their tough won experiences. And supplying acknowledgment to those who accomplish their advancement objectives will keep your workers encouraged to discover.


You need to likewise think about embracing practical innovation like a knowing management system (LMS) — a platform that assists in the management and shipment of online training products in a range of formats. It permits your workers to access it from anywhere and pursue advancement any place and whenever makes good sense for them. Your company can then track their development and examine whether your advancement goals are being satisfied. An LMS likewise attends to a personalized knowing experience, enabling you to personalize courses and even established discovering courses to assist workers find out as they choose.

. Separation.

Your company need to do whatever it can to guarantee valued staff members will stick with your company till retirement. Numerous will, for one factor or — another, choose to continue their professions in other places at some point.


However, a staff member ’ s departure doesn ’ t need to be an unfavorable experience. Rather, see it as a knowing chance– and an opportunity to turn your previous worker into a long-lasting supporter for your business. Modification your point of view and begin dealing with the objective of the offboarding procedure as assisting the worker take the next actions of their profession journey with self-respect and self-confidence. You ’ ll discover that this method will pay routine dividends for your company for several years to come. And the information you get from surveying leaving staff member will assist you keep enhancing the totality of the staff member life process.

.Taking control of the worker’life process.

’The worker life process is a fantastic tool, however attempting to get a grasp on each phase — can be frustrating. The good news is, there are options readily available to help HR and supervisors in enhancing the staff member experience.


It all starts with listening to your workers and acting upon their feedback. Achievers Listen  ™ is an always-on, versatile voice of the staff member option that ’ s concentrated on action. Grounded in labor force and information science, the Listen suite leverages worker feedback at each minute of a worker ’ s journey inside the company to provide senior leaders deep presence into their company ’ s health, HR experts the insight to see chances and issues, and leads supervisors to take real-time action.

After you ’ ve got a grasp on the worker life process at your business, you ’ ll wish to begin affecting it for the much better, and acknowledgment is the very best method to favorably impact every phase. Achievers Recognize , an acclaimed worker acknowledgment platform, makes revealing gratitude to others a smooth, satisfying part of the daily work experience. Customers who utilize Achievers Recognize are :

. 54 %most likely to offer their culture of acknowledgment a high ranking than consumers of other innovation service providers. 2.5 times most likely to see increased staff member retention. 36% most likely to see a boost in worker engagement. 3.6 times most likely than clients of other suppliers to offer acknowledgment several times monthly. 33 %most likely to rank their company brand name greater than clients of Achievers ’ rivals.

Take control of the staff member life process by attempting a totally free demonstration of Achievers Recognize and listen today!


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