Cool science experiments and tricks that look like real magic! Watch the amazing science tricks and then learn the methods behind them! This is the series premiere of Science Is Magic with Evan Era! Get ideas for your school science fair or just some fun magic science projects to DIY at home! Thumbs up for more magic science videos!

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Supplies You’ll Need ↴
Balloon ; Bottle ; Water ; Alka-seltzer ; Ice ; Plastic Bottle ; Hydrophobic Spray ; Bimetallic Discs ; Cooking Oil ; Food Coloring ; Vinegar

Science Tricks Revealed in this Video ↴
0:00 | Introduction
1:00 | Inverted Balloon In The Bottle Trick
3:21 | The Magic of Dry Ice Revealed
6:04 | DIY Alka-Seltzer Bottle Rocket
7:05 | Incredible Ice Melting Blocks
7:50 | Hydrophobic Art Trick Revealed
10:13 | Jumping Bimetallic Discs
11:25 | Lava Lamp Science Trick Tutorial
13:20 | DIY Baking Soda Vinegar Volcano

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