A Case From ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Has Been Solved Using Ancestry DNA

Charlie McCormick, an octogenerian retired investigator and private detective, could not get 2 females who were discovered killed in Breckenridge, CO in 1982 out of his head. The 2 girls who operated in town went missing out on and were later on discovered dead of gunshot injuries. They did not understand each other and no connection in between the 2 females was recognized besides they seemed victims of the exact same predator.

Barbara “Bobbi Jo” Oberholtzer, 29, and Annette Schnee, 21, both vanished on Jan. 6, 1982. Both were hitchhiking, a typical ways of transport in the location at the time. Bobbi Jo was discovered dead the following day in a snowbank with a set of zip ties connected to one wrist. Private investigators believe she might have left the suspect’s automobile and ran about 300 feet away prior to being contended close quarters in the chest. Her cause of death was blood loss and direct exposure to the listed below freezing temperature level. Annette was discovered 6 months later on in a creek 10 miles south of where Bobbi Jo was discovered. She had actually likewise been shot and had actually likewise passed away from blood loss and direct exposure. An orange sock was discovered with Annette that matched one discovered with Bobbi Jo’s body. The socks had actually been a current present to Annette from her mom. The remote place of Annette’s body led private investigators to think the killer was a regional.

An odd idea: when Annette Schnee’s knapsack was discovered in September 1982, it included an organization card for the repair work company Bobbi Jo’s partner, Jeff Oberholtzer, owned and run. He stated he ‘d when provided a flight to Annette when she was hitchiking however that he was at house the day his spouse and Annette vanished when cops got in touch with Jeff. As DNA proof became a forensic science powerhouse, detectives had the ability to identify that blood discovered on Bobbi Jo’s glove did not come from Bobbi Jo or to her other half Jeff . Jeff Oberholtzer likewise passed 2 polygraph tests and willingly enabled authorities to browse his house. He appeared on the Paula Zahn reveal as just recently as 2019 openly appealing for details about his other half’s murder that might end speculation and bring her household closure.

Charlie McCormick has actually been working this case given that 1989. He charged Annette Schnee’s household a charge for his services of $ 1 each year . After discovering that the blood discovered on Bobbi Jo’s glove wasn’t a match for Jeff Oberholtzer, McCormick and Richard Eaton, a Summit County Sheriff’s Office investigator, checked it versus the DNA of any other suspects they might consider. They never ever discovered a match.

Six weeks after Bobbi Jo and Annette were killed, a guy called Tom Luther was jailed and founded guilty of impersonating a taxi driver and after that beating and raping the lady he got with a hammer. After he was detained, he informed fellow prisoners he likewise killed 2 females in Breckenridge, among whom he assured authorities would “never ever discover”. (This was prior to Annette Schnee’s body was discovered. The place of her body is what made authorities think the killer was a regional, as it wasn’t a popular location). Luther served his time and was launched. He was then implicated of killing another Colorado lady called Cher Elder.

Detectives McCormick and Eaton discovered the males Luther admitted his murder to. Nearly 40 years later on, they waited their initial claims. The investigators then talked to Tom Luther, put behind bars for another rape. Luther stated, “They aren’t my ladies”. His DNA didn’t match the bloody glove either.

Around this time the popular tv program Unsolved Mysteries aired a sector on Bobbi Jo Oberholtzer and Annette Schnee. In 2007, the case was the topic of an episode of a Discovery channel reveal that utilized psychics to attempt to fix cold cases, Sensing Murder. The case was likewise included on an episode of the Crimepedia podcast .

Charles McCormick thought he would pass away prior to the case was closed. It was an enjoyable surprise for him when The Park County Sheriff’’ s Office revealed in February 2021 that they had actually made an arrest in the nearly 40 years of age case. The Park County Sheriff’s workplace made the arrest after developing an ancestral tree for the unknown suspect whose blood was discovered on Bobbi Jo’s blood. That suspect ended up being Alan Lee Phillips, a 70-year-old guy living in Durmont, Colorado, a 50-minute drive northwest from Breckenridge.

Annette Schnee’s mom, Eileen Franklin, is now 88-years-old and stated she is eased to discover an end to the secret of her child’s murder. Bobbi Jo’s spouse, Jeff Oberholtzer, stated: “I hope that the arrest of Alan Phillips for the murder of my spouse Bobbi Jo and Annette Schnee will lastly, after all these years, bring closure and peace to this ugly problem for myself, together with all the lives he has actually badly impacted by his actions. I can not thank enough all who never ever quit the look for the fact.”

Jeff and Bobbi Jo’s child likewise made a declaration:

” I, the child of Bobbi Jo Oberholtzer, wish to thank both Charlie McCormick and Richard Eaton for never ever quiting on resolving my mother’’ s case. When I check out my kid’’ s blue eyes, which are genuinely lovely like my mama’’ s, I see her. I have actually dealt with a beast in my mind considering that I was 11 years of ages, and now I can rest understanding justice will be served.”


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