A Dining Destination Hidden in a North Texas Gas Station

Green Spot Dallas TexasA few observant locals know the exact time it happens. Green Spot”;s lead cook Pedro Cristobal and his family make enough breakfast tacos each morning to fill three wide pans. They”;re wrapped tightly in foil and kept steamy throughout the day. Time it close to closing, some regulars have figured it out, and you might just land a free taco with whatever else you”;re ordering–;maybe a keg pull of kombucha or some bison jerky–;because any leftover tacos are about to go bye-bye. Gratis or not, the tacos are tucked into foil and stacked, filled with bacon that”;s still crispy at 2:00 p.m. Use tongs to lift them or face a scalded palm. The hey-they”;re-giving-it-away breakfast taco is exactly the kind of friendly, old-school general store tone that…;View Original Post

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