Amber Portwood: I Wasted All My Money on Strippers and Drugs!

If you stay up to date with your Teen Mom news and chatter, then you’re aware that individuals on these programs make simply a profane quantity of cash.

Like, simply pails and containers of money merely due to the fact that they got pregnant when they were teens and had lives that were untidy sufficient to interest MTV.

 Amber Portwood: A Selfie

We’ll likely never ever understand precisely just how much cash the Teen Mom stars make, however we’ve heard several sources declare that the initial mothers on Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 pull in numerous countless dollars per season .

It appears like they’ve been making this type of cash for several years– all the method back in 2011, Amber Portwood exposed in court that she made $140,000 for each six-month agreement with MTV.

The primary cast has actually gotten lots of raises ever since, so it’s most likely safe to state that prior to taxes, they’ve each made well over a million dollars for being on the program.

In more current seasons, we’ve seen them invest that cash on huge fancy houses , great automobiles, that sort of thing.

 Amber Portwood Admits that She's a Bad Mom

But Amber, surprisingly enough, has been residing in a rental house for over 2 years now, and we generally simply see her hanging out on the sofa– why isn’t she purchasing home after home thus a lot of her co stars?

Well, according to some excerpts from her brand-new book gotten by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, it’s due to the fact that all of her cash went to drugs, her partners, or strippers.

It’s not precisely stunning, however the information are absolutely intriguing!

In one area of the book, entitled So, You’re Crazy Too?, Amber confessed that “When individuals ask me where all my cash has actually discussed the years, I am ashamed to state the majority of it has actually gone to my ex-boyfriends.”

 Amber the OG

” For somebody who appears violent and so strong, I sure let a great deal of individuals get away with taking from me throughout the years.”

And see, it’s currently gotten too wild, due to the fact that why would you ever state anything like that?

She’s basically stating that yeah, she’s understood to batter her partners , however she still let them take from her … does she wish to be praised for not attacking somebody in this particular situation?

” In my more youthful years,” she continued, “I blew a great deal of cash I made on the program on drugs.”

 Amber Portwood is an OG

Not a surprise there , however she followed that up by stating “I kept heaps of money in my home to pay drug dealerships with, and pals all understood it.”

” There were many times I would see countless dollars missing out on from under my sofa cushions, and I understand among my drug-addict good friends had actually taken the cash.”

We would not state that she was worthy of to have actually cash taken if she kept countless dollars under her sofa cushions, however like, we wouldn’t not state that either.

Another method she lost a lots of cash was by taking sweethearts to her regional strip club, which she stated she did typically.

 Amber Portwood Plays It Cool

” I would toss $100 expenses at the women like I was a millionaire,” she stated. “I might invest $4,000 a night at that strip club.”

” I liked to believe I was assisting the ladies spend for college. I constantly spent for everybody who was with us, too, and I teased the people for just offering $1 expenses.”

Elsewhere in the book, Amber composed “I utilized to be truly bad with my cash,” which looks like something readers would have collected by that point.

” I do not live a luxurious way of life at all,” she discussed, “however I like to invest cash on other individuals.”

 Amber Portwood Had a Serious Relationship With a Woman

” When I would head out, I spent for everybody’s bar tabs, no matter the number of individuals I was with. I constantly desired everybody to be more comfy than I am, and my partners are no exception to this guideline.”

This is absolutely real– we’ve seen on the program that she truly does not invest her cash on anything insane for herself, however goodness understands her partners have.

The worst wrongdoer for this without a doubt was Matt Baier, who she declared had cheated her out of numerous countless dollars in a couple of various methods.

One was through their house-flipping organization– they just turned one home together, however she stated they made a six-figure earnings after she spent for whatever, which she just got $30,000 from the cash they made while he took around $140,000 for himself.

 Amber Portwood, Matt Baier Selfie

He likewise invested approximately $200,000 of her cash to purchase her 2 vehicles, and when they separated, he took both of them.

” Obviously the $200,000 it cost to spend for these cars and trucks originated from my savings account, however I still believed it was actually good of him to consider such elegant presents,” she stated.

She thought about taking him to court to get the automobiles, however ultimately simply “chalked it approximately my bad taste in males and proceeded.”

But how was Matt able to invest a lot of her cash in the very first location?

 Amber Portwood and Matt Baier on Marriage Boot Camp

” Back in te day,” she composed, “I the minute I fell in love, I put whatever man I was dating onto my checking account. Joint accounts, uncontrolled access to my cash– it needs to have been enjoyable dating me.”


Hopefully she’s wised up ever since, however based upon whatever else we’ve ever learnt about Amber, it appears not likely .

 Amber Portwood Didn't Get Her Way

What a waste.


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