Anime Cat With Power To Shoot Pumpkin Orbs Wins Spooktober: Blair From Soul Eater

Blair the Cat stars in “Soul Eater” a classic anime! While Blair does have a human form, she’s also a creature known as a monster cat in the series. She has some pretty funny moments in the anime when she’s out trying to have fun, though sometimes this causes more harm than good. She’s not always an evil person, but she can be troublesome to most main characters in this show.

Since she’s a monster cat, besides having a cat and human form, she also has quite a few magical abilities, many of which involve pumpkins in some way or another. For instance, she can shoot orbs that look like pumpkins at her enemies that can easily damage them. She can even drop huge pumpkins on people. This pawesome anime cat’s super special power deserves to be highlighted year round, but is especially relevant during spooktober szn! 


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