Announcing DSS ’21: Third Annual Distributed SQL Summit

We are delighted to announce that registration is now open for the third annual Distributed SQL Summit! DSS 2021 will happen on September 21-23, bringing together the YugabyteDB open source user community, customers, partners and industry thought leaders to explore opportunities and experiences of embracing modern cloud native data architectures. We are planning sessions and workshops that will dive into use cases, technologies, and best practices for adopting distributed SQL databases for any app at any scale across any cloud.

The event this year will feature sessions by technology leaders and practitioners from some of the most innovative organizations, including Fiserv, GM, Kroger, Rakuten, Wipro, and more. Buoyed by the enthusiastic response for the first two summits, we are planning a more ambitious schedule this time around. We will have breakout sessions across three tracks – developer, devops, and architect – on the first two days followed by a full day of hands-on workshops.

Why should you attend?

Whether you are an application developer building microservices-based cloud native applications, a database practitioner interested in deploying and managing modern databases, or a technology architect or leader overseeing transformation initiatives, DSS ‘21 offers you an opportunity to meet and learn from peers and experts.


Start building applications with distributed SQL in minutes with no operational overhead
Learn best practices to migrate a relational application to a distributed SQL database
Learn how you can scale resilient microservices globally while maintaining sub-second latency
Join hands-on labs and workshops to build awesome apps


Learn how to keep the database up through snowstorms, datacenter fires, network failures, and other outages
Be prepared for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and new product launch days
Hear how the largest enterprises are efficiently delivering a DBaaS to their developers
Apply best practices to deploy distributed SQL in a Kubernetes world


Learn about emerging data architectures in different industries
Find out how leaders of F500 companies are tackling database modernization
Understand how you can future proof your data infrastructure with a 100% open source distributed SQL database
Minimize risk during large-scale database modernization efforts

You have accelerated digital transformation by embracing the cloud, Kubernetes, and microservices; now it’s time to go cloud native and embrace Distributed SQL!

Join us!

Registration is free. To find out more and save your spot now, visit the event site at Follow the conversation on Twitter at #DSS21 for live updates. Hope to see you there!

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