Are TikTokers actually running through fences for the Kool-Aid Man challenge?

 A kid breaking through a fence beside an animation Kool-Aid Man

Police, media, and moms and dads outlets are sounding the alarm over a TikTok difficulty that is supposedly seeing kids going through fences.

Known as the TikTok Kool-Aid Man difficulty, the stunt apparently includes individuals rupturing through a variety of walls in the exact same style as the food mascot in the beverage’s renowned commercials.

But is the TikTok Kool-Aid Man difficulty that extensive?

The Massillon Police Department in Ohio cautioned today that fences on several houses had actually been struck, with one local even capturing the act upon security video.


One such homeowner who asked to be recognized just as “Tim” informed Fox 8 that he was among a number of property owners who had actually been targeted by TikTok users.

““ We were really the 3rd home that early morning that it was harmed,” ” he stated. “ A home about a mile from us was struck 4 times”.”


The New York Post today also reported on the phenomenon, pointing out a lady in Staten Island whose fence was likewise supposedly harmed.

““ I went on our community Facebook page and observed somebody published a video of this taking place to them, too,” the female stated. “Others commented that they likewise had their fences harmed by young teenagers leaping through them.”

Between 10 and 15 property owners were likewise stated to have been struck by the Kool-Aid Man obstacle in Idaho previously this month.

The pattern, nevertheless, is far from brand-new. A minimum of 15 comparable occurrences were reported near Omaha, Nebraska in July. Analysis by the Daily Dot reveals that the so-called obstacle has actually been referenced various times on TikTok considering that at least 2019.

While there might be separated pockets of vandalism occurring throughout the nation, the huge bulk of posts on TikTok utilizing the hashtags #koolaidmanchallenge, #koolaid, and #koolaidchallenge do disappoint users harming residential or commercial property.

Most of the videos reveal no damage at all and rather are simply associated with Kool-Aid. Almost all of the videos that do reveal some sort of damage appear to include building employees or property owners breaking through walls of their own.


So while a handful of property owners throughout the nation have actually been targeted, the pattern is far from extensive or popular on TikTok.

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