As COVID Rages on, the First Malaria Vaccine in History Gets Approval

Good news on the international health front is tough to come by, however the World Health Organization shared a huge line of hope today by backing the first-ever malaria vaccine. The thumbs-up is a gamechanger for among the earliest and most dangerous illness, which eliminates half a million individuals each year, primarily kids under 5 years of ages in sub-Saharan Africa.

The vaccine moves the needle clinically and possibly socially—– if the rollout is fair and liable, a huge if. And as COVID takes in wall-to-wall media protection and eclipses the lethal contagions prior to it, there’’ s a welcome note of point of view in marking gains beyond COVID. In a search of MoJo archives, I encountered a 2006 heading that asked , ““ Can Malaria Be Stopped?” ” The response is entering into clearer focus.

The vaccine is not simply an advancement for malaria. It’s the very first for any parasitic illness. Watch on for more comprehensive analysis and updates, and let us understand how this might impact your or your household’’ s lives at

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