Awwdorable Deer is Besties With Smol Kitten (Video)

Here at I Can Has Cheezburger we often talk about the wonderful friendships between animals, whether it’s dogs and cats or  more fun and exotic animals. For example, the adorable deer which are featured in this video. Deer aren’t really featured enough here, and that’s honestly such a shame, because this video is full  of such pure wholesome goodness that maybe we should make deer content a weekly thing.

In any event, we hope you love this awwdorable video of a kitty cat playing with his new deer friend. Together the duo are the most wholesome and heartwarming thing that we’ve seen all week, and we’ve seen some pretty wholesome stuff! Now we, alongside all of the internet probably, want to see a sequel to Bambi that features this incredible pair being best friends. Take a look:


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