Billie Eilish Confronts Jimmy Kimmel for Making Her ‘Look Stupid’ on TV

Billie Eilish has actually countered at Jimmy Kimmel. Why? For making her appearance dumb the last time she appeared on his program.

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.It’s the super-fight we’ve all been waiting on. by means of Getty Getty

Billie Eilish vs Jimmy Kimmel. Hey, wait up, what are they combating over? Well, Billie ain’t too pleased about the method Kimmel made her appearance the last time she included on his program.

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.Do you remember it?

Well the vocalist sure does. She was particularly describing back in 2019, when Kimmel had Eilish on the program and he quizzed her on popular culture.

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.And it didn’t go too well for Billie.

Especially when she confessed on nationwide television she didn’t understand who Van Halen was.

.Now Billie has actually faced Kimmel over her shame.

Speaking simply a couple of days back, Eilish stated:” Wait actually fast. Do you keep in mind the last time I was here? You made me look a little silly.” Kimmel stated that it wasn’t objective, prior to Eilish declared her ‘‘ cluelessness’ about popular culture from the 80s was all part of the joke too – – including that she was just doing it for the audience’s home entertainment.

.” I believed it was amusing due to the fact that I was playing along, and everyone believed I was really severe and didn’t understand anything”, Eilish stated.

Kimmel included:” As I remember, you weren’t knowledgeable about Van Halen, and I resembled, ‘‘ What!'” Eilish stated:” Yes, there was a lot things you asked, and I resembled, ‘‘ I do not understand.'” So there you have it folks.

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