Building Trust With Anxious Doggos: Ins Outs Tips And Support

Adopting a doggo is one of the most wonderful experiences one can enjoy in their lifetime! Imagine you’ve just had a baby, but instead of a human, it’s a dog. Boom. Responsibility. Boom. Parenthood. Boom. All the love and affection you could every ask for in the shape of a floofy four legged companion. Though, it’s no easy task raising a dog. It can be emotional, and stressful, but also extremely rewarding. Reddit user u/PrincessofPatriarchy knows a thing or two about the experience.

Building trust with your doggos is no walk in the park (heh heh, get it? walk in the park?), especially if they have a rough history or used to be a stray. Dogs are very cautious creatures, it can take years to fully gain their trust. Reddit user u/PrincessofPatriarchy talks about an especially emotional experience she shared with her doggo recently that both led her to smile as well as feel sad. Parenthood is a rollercoaster of emotions folks, buckle up!



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