Calvin Ridley Suspended for 2022 Season

Calvin Ridley Suspended for 2022 Season
Aaron Schatz
07 Mar 2022, 03:42pm

Falcons WR Calvin Ridley

A bit of a stunning story here, as Calvin Ridley has been suspended by the NFL for “at least” the entire 2022 season for betting on games during the 2021 season. Ridley took time off last year due to mental health issues and apparently bet on games during November 2021 while he was on the non-football illness list. The league’s announcement says there is no evidence that Ridley used any inside information to help his betting decisions, and the Falcons were unaware of Ridley’s activities.

From the league that HEAVILY sponsors it


This announcement of Calvin…

This announcement of Calvin Ridley’s suspension brought to you by DraftKings…

Alex Karras and Paul Hornung…

In reply to by Joey-Harringto…

Alex Karras and Paul Hornung are somewhere smirking.

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To be fair to the NFL

Yes, even the NFL.

It fought for six years in court to uphold the federal statute prohibiting sports gambling other than in Nevada.


While two of its member…

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While two of its member owners bought sports gambling sites and a third moved a team to Las Vegas.

This is sort of like suspending a member of the Vancouver Kushbuds for cannabis…

Forget it, Jake. It’s the Falcons.

What other NFL team would have a player take himself off the field and then proceed to bet on his team to win?  Did his absence suddenly make the team better?

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