Cats Who Are Going Through Mild Existential Crises

We all have those minute, when we’re thinking of something, and after that we simply … wander off and keep in mind that truly humiliating thing that we carried out in the 3rd grade. And there we are, thirty years of age, having a moderate existential crisis. Well, obviously that’s not simply a human thing. Cats can be slightly startled by things in their lives too, and after that they’re sitting there, frozen with their tongues protruding , having an existential crisis.

At least it produces amusing photos though, and actually, posts of felines being the weirdos that they are are among our preferred things anyhow. Please, enjoy this collection of weirdos having existential crises, and we hope that this collection will not make you have a flashback of one of your own most humiliating minutes.


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Written by mettablog

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