Circle Of Nope: Cats Experiencing Snow For The First Time And Regretting It

It. is. winter. Guys, it’s here. Bring out the blankets, get hot the hot cocoa ingredients, and light the fire. We are so ready for the cold. You know who isn’t though? Our cats. Those cats who are little sunshine babies were not ready. They’re never ready. And they’re even less ready for that white blanket that covers the whole world out of nowhere. Cats and snow are a no go

And thus, we come again to that time of year where the ‘circles of nope‘ begin appearing. They get made by cats whose curiosity calls them to see the white blanket up close, but then reality hits, they realize it’s heckin’ cold, and they turn away instantly. The circle of nope. Iconic, hissterical, and purrfect. Enjoy!


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Written by mettablog

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