Community Uproar Preserves One of Kyiv’s Most Famous Modernist Building Facades

 Thanks to Dmytro Aranchii ArchitectsThanks To Dmytro Aranchii Architects

Following news of Edelburg Development ‘s strategies to totally redesign the modernist exterior of Dytiachyi Svit (Kids’ ’ World), among Kyiv’s many noteworthy modernist structures from the Soviet period, and change it with an “ indistinguishable ” modern and lively style, members of the neighborhood and activists objected versus the intervention, requiring all celebrations to settle on a style competitors to bring back the historic exterior. Dmytro Aranchii Architects was picked as the winner of the competitors , with a proposition that “traces the shift from the initial structure to the brand-new one” in a identifiable and minimalistic stylization, protecting the initial exterior and matching it with a modern intervention.



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