Crypto group wants to make a ‘Dune’ animated series ‘with original IP’ following backlash to buying story bible

 jodorowsky'' s dune

Over the weekend, the cumulative called Spice DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) exposed that it won the auction for an unusual copy of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s story bible for Dune, a movie that Jodorowsky never ever made however ended up being prominent anyhow. (As well as the topic of a documentary.) The group rapidly ended up being the topic of mockery when it exposed its strategy for the Dune story bible.

Spice DAO—– a cryptocurrency group comprised of Dune fans—– revealed that it paid €€ 2.66 million ($ 2.9 million at the time ) with a token to win the auction, which was well above the approximated €€ 25,000- € 35,000($ 28,318-$ 39,645) vary it was anticipated to cost. Soban Saqib paid with his own cash, however he anticipates to be compensated with a few of the funds that Spice DAO raised (in the millions); contributing offers members the capability to vote on what occurs with the story bible.

Spice DAO’’ s strategies focused both on making the book openly offered, supporting works by fans, and producing ““ an initial animated minimal series motivated by the book and offer [ing] it to a streaming service.” ” The framing of the statement is that ease of access is the primary secret.


Spice DAO is unclear by what it suggests by making an initial minimal animated series that’s motivated by Jodorowsky’’ s Dune story bible. It didn ’ t take long for individuals to soak on Spice DAO for believing that costs almost $3 million on the story bible offered it control of the rights to adjust Jodorowsky’’ s Dune. The storyboard isn’’ t’Jodoworsky ’ s alone, it ’ s filled with copyrights owned by several creatives along with their estates.


Someone even recommended burning the book—– among a handful that exists—– after digitally submitting it and turning each page into an NFT—– so regarding boost the worth of the story bible’’ s NFTs.


But the group ’ s promise to makeJodowosky ’ s story bible more available is a bit suspect because much of the story bible is currently complimentary to see online.


In a Medium post from December, Spice DAOacknowledged that it didn ’ t own the rights to Dune even if it bought the story bible.


“ Jodorowsky ’ s extensive visionfor Dune“in some method planted the seeds for almost every Sci-Fi job over the last 50 years, ” it composed . “ While we do not own the IP to Frank Herbert ’ s work of art, we are distinctively placed with the chance to produce our own addition to the category as a tribute to the giants who came prior to us. ”


And following the reaction, Spice DAO reacted by recommending that it will “ make an absolutely brand-new animated series with initial IP that we produce. ”


It ’ s uncertain if Spice DAO ’ s explanation”will offerindividuals more of a concept of what its future requires, however if the group ’ s Discord is any indicator, Spice DAO ’ s prepare for Jodoworsky ’ s Dune story bible is simply as complicated for them as it is the rest people.


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