Discussion: Letting Your Dog Lead On Walks And How It Affects Their Behavior

Doggo owners and lovers, we came across a discussion today that you might just relate to! Daily walks are a big part of the doggo training process. You give your dog both verbal and physical cues to help explain what you expect from them. A big part of dog training during these walks also come from you, the doggo owner, managing your dog’s behavior by leading the walk. 

Reddit user and OP has decided that he’s had enough with attempting to lead his dog on walks, and has decided to just allow his dog to do his thing and lead the walks. This involves lots of long sniffs, a good amount of roaming time, and exploring the neighborhood at doggo’s pace. This works well for them, but OP is wondering if he is hindering his dog training process by allowing this behavior. Folks took to Reddit to discuss this dilemma. 


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