Do This to All Your Potted Fruit Trees for More Fruit Next Year

John from shares with you what he is doing to increase his fruit production and soil health in his potted fruit trees over the dormant season.

In this episode, you will learn the quick and dirty tips on how you can increase your soil health in your potted and container fruit trees over the winter when they go dormant. You will learn how to keep the soil microbiome active in the pot and protect all the microbes living in the soil to encourage better spring growth and higher fruit production next year.

You will learn simple techniques including mulching, adding more roots in the ground, adding nutrients that will feed the soil microbes, as well as adding organic matter that will encourage the soil food web to work more effectively.

You will learn his specific foliar feeding recipe to ensure the best growth over the winter of your container fruit trees and companion plants that you are planting with them.

After watching this episode, you will learn the best tips to increase your soil biology for the winter in for your fruit trees that you are growing in containers and pots.

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