Evan Rachel Wood flips off Marilyn Manson onstage following ‘Donda’ event

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Evan Rachel Wood carried out a poignant cover of New Radicals’ “’ “ You Get What You’ Give ” at Los Angeles ’ Bourbon Room Saturday night, offering an actual middle finger directed towards her ex Marilyn Manson in addition to a message to survivors.

Taking to the phase with her Evan + Zane bandmate Zane Carney, Wood informed the crowd that ““ I ’ ve been conserving this, however it appears like a suitable time” ” prior to beginning the cover of ““ You Get What You Give.” ” It ’ s a much slower and poignant performance than the initial, and for much of the tune, it’’ s a pure display of Wood’’ s vocals.

. When she alters things up a bit, #ppppp> It ’ s not till Wood nears the end of the tune. The initial lyric goes, ““ Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson/Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson,” ” however Wood left out Love’’ s name, letting the silence ring till she sings Manson’’ s name while turning him off. In reaction, the crowd cheers.

““ Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson/ … Marilyn Manson/We’’ ll all come right to your mansions/Come on, we’’ ll kick your ass in!” ” she sings.


It ’ s muchmore than a’random turning off of Manson. Previously this year, Wood called Manson ( who she remained in a relationship with from 2007 till 2010) as her abuser and implicated him of grooming, controling, and abusing her.


“ I am here to expose this harmfulmale and call out the lots of markets that have actually allowed him, prior to he ruins anymore lives, ” she composed at the time .


But more just recently, Manson– who deals with a plethora of legal concerns consisting of a suit from Esmé Bianco that declared sexual assault– got a minute in the spotlight that, for some fans, seemed like a slap to the face. Recently, throughout among his listening celebrations for Donda, Kanye West brought Manson onstage with DaBaby ( whose homophobic rhetoric led to him being gotten rid of from several music celebrations). Some saw West bringing Manson as an effort to restore him after being “ canceled, ” and one that would be activating for lots of survivors of sexual assault.

. Whenagain expressed once again revealed uniformity, #ppppp> It ’ s that event that Wood appears to reference in her efficiency and Instagram post as she.


“ For my fellow survivors who got slapped in the face today I like you, ” Wood composed on Sunday. “Don’t quit. ”


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