Ex-NBA Coach Plays Race Card On Sen. Cruz, Gets Schooled on Democrats & KKK

Fired former NBA coach Stan Van Gundy has plenty of time to devote to his left-wing politics these days. It didn”;t go so well, though, when he took on conservative U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Sen. Cruz last week tweeted support for NBA players Bradley Beal, Kyrie Irving, Andrew Wiggins and Jonathan Isaac for resisting coronavirus vaccines. He said he stands with each one of them.:

Invoking the tiresome left-wing all-Republicans-are-racists trope, the unemployed Van Gundy responded, “;Hell just froze over -; Ted Cruz standing with black people.”;

Actually, hell would freeze over if lefties like Van Gundy had a better handle on U.S. history. For, as Sen. Cruz so aptly pointed out in response to the ex-NBA coach, the Democrats have long had a monopoly on racism in America. They founded the KKK, he said:

Touché, Ted!

Van Gundy”;s politics are no mystery. In a 2020 interview with ESPN”;s left-leaning blog, The Undefeated, the veteran NBA coach proudly claimed the mantle of poster boy for white privilege. Van Gundy told Marc J. Spears:

“;I”;m a poster boy for white privilege. I”;ve led a privileged life, so I only know about these issues, and these problems, and these inequities from people I”;ve been associated with, work with, know, care about. I don”;t carry the issue. But just because something doesn”;t happen to you, if it”;s happening to people you know, if it”;s happening to people you care about, you care about the issue.”;

Van Gundy also said that he vocally supports LGBTQ causes, and he expressed “;disdain for the actions of outgoing President Donald Trump,”; according to Spears.

At the time of The Undefeated interview, Van Gundy was employed as head coach of the NBA”;s New Orleans Pelicans. Their executive vice president of basketball operations David Griffin then called him a good fit for his players because he is so woke.

However, Van Gundy is no longer a good fit for the Pelicans because his win total was so broke. His record in one season at New Orleans was just 31-41. Van Gundy also had losing records in four of his last five seasons as an NBA head coach, and he”;d only won three of 15 playoff games since 2010. Guess that makes him a poster boy for unwanted, losing coaches.

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