Extraordinary Portraits of Insects in Flight (Video)

We came across the latest video by “Ant Lab” and had to share it with you all. And Lab describe themselves a little something like this- “Ant Lab is the channel of the Evolutionary Biology & Behavior Research Lab at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences & North Carolina State University. It’s headed by Dr. Adrian Smith, who makes most of these videos.” Well thank you Dr. Smith, for providing us with these striking videos highlighting the beauty of insects!

“A viewer sent me a copy of ‘Borne on the wind: The extraordinary world of insects in flight’ which, in 1975, published photos of insects in mid-air flight. So, I filmed a bunch of insect flight sequences in a style inspired by the insect portraits in that book! All of these sequences were filmed at 6,000 frames per second. Most play back at 30fps, but some are edited to play back faster. Multiple captures are edited together so that more than one insect appears on-screen at the same time.” Via Ant Lab.



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