First and Last SaraBeautyCorner Q&A!

Engaged? Married? Breakup? Pregnant? Having kids? Where do I come from? What have I studied? Where do I live? How old am I? Siblings? How I film? How I edit? Why don’t I post regularly? How did I start with DIY & comedy videos? It’s time to spill some tea 😉 In this video I am telling you EVERYTHING after 7 years. This has been my most requested video in the past years so I am really excited to share with you everything you’ve always wanted to know. This will probably be my first and last SaraBeautyCorner Q&A 😉

In this Q&A video you will learn a lot of facts (where I live, age, education, family, siblings) about me that you’ve never heard before. There’s lots of personal (relationship, kids, pregnant), favorites (food, color, animal, videos) and youtube (How I film, how long it takes to film a video, software I use for videos) related topics. I seriously didn’t expect to receive more than 10.000 questions! I answered the most popular ones in this video plus I included some comedy and funny skits, because just sitting and talking is not my thing 🙂 Together we will also do a 10 million subscribers Youtube play button unboxing!

I am so excited for you to get to know me better and to connect with you guys a bit more. Thank you for sticking with me throughout the years. It really means the world.

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