From a Necessary Evil to Luxury: The History of Bathrooms in Modern Society

 Latrinas medievais. Image Cortesia de Geopizza, usada sob os termos de Latrinas medievais. Image Cortesia de Geopizza, usada sob os termos de “reasonable usage”.

The restrooms that we normally have in our houses are traditions of European colonization around the globe.Its present kind, nevertheless, go back millennia and would not have actually been possible without financial investments and the development of fundamental sanitation.

The health of a population is straight associated to the physical environment it occupies, as mentioned by Hippocrates in his text “ Ares, locations and waters ”, composed throughout the 5th century BC, in which the Greek thinker referred to as the’ daddy of medication’, mentions that “in order to correctly examine health and the reason for illness it is needed to observe and comprehend the lived in environment from the seasons, the wind, the water, its geographical position, the landscape and the land and likewise the practices of individuals who live there. Each civilization has actually established a method of handling what we comprehend by sanitation today, depending upon its time and likewise on its geographical, cultural, financial and political context.


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