‘Get a job or leave’: Tucker Carlson’s latest rant attacks homeless people

Our favorite Fox News idiot is at it again. This time, instead of targeting women or people of color, Carlson has come to belittle the unhoused. During his Tuesday show, Tucker Carlson suggested that social services encourage homelessness and destroy nuclear families. “;You are a drug addict,”; he said speaking about homeless people. “;Get a job or leave.”;

But it gets worse, because of course it does. Carlson went on to accuse (presumably all) unhoused individuals of being addicts, and suggested that policymakers should ban homelessness.

“;Pull up your pants and get the hell out of here. Go somewhere with lower standards,”; Carlson said. “;Head for a place where politicians don”;t care about their people, because we do care and that”;s why we”;re hauling your tent to a landfill and cutting off your checks today.”;

Apparently to Carlson, “;lower standards”; is what we “;used to imagine India was like.”; He referenced major U.S. cities, including New York and San Francisco, noting that they were “;not Calcutta.”;

He even went as far as to reference a federal court decision, Martin v. Boise, in which the Ninth Circuit ruled that cities cannot enforce anti-encampment laws unless they have enough shelter beds available for their homeless populations. The Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal.

Of course, that”;s not all. He then attempted to shame the city of Seattle”;s effort to help the homeless.

“;Stunning views of the Space Needle and Puget Sound,”; he said, speaking of a news report about Seattle’s $50 million investment into apartment buildings meant to house homeless people. “;Do you have one of those? Well, crackheads do.”;

Tucker Carlson says homeless peoples should have their tents hauled to landfills and told to “get a job or leave”

–; nikki mccann ramírez (@NikkiMcR) January 19, 2022

After Seattle, Carlson also targeted Austin, Texas, claiming that homelessness has risen as the police budget has decreased.

“;When you pay for homelessness, you get a lot more of it,”; he said. “;See how that works?”;

But overall, who does he blame? Democrats, of course.

“;Politicians are making it much easier to be a homeless drug addict in the United States, and much harder to be a law-abiding member of the middle class,”; he said. “;What”;s the effect? Well, let”;s see. The middle class is dying, and we now have record numbers of drug-addicted vagrants.”;

He claimed that the solution “;is as simple as the problem.”;

And ranted:

“;Stop putting up with it. Say, “;No. No, you can”;t smoke meth in the park. You”;re not allowed to crap on the sidewalk. Pull up your pants and get the hell out of here. Go somewhere with lower standards. Head for a place where politicians don”;t care about their people, because we do care. And that”;s why we”;re hauling your tent to a landfill and cutting off your checks today. You are a drug addict. Get a job or leave. This is our city. You are not allowed to wreck it. You didn”;t build it.”;”;

His rant ended with him calling the homelessness situation in the U.S. “;an attack on civilization.”;

Of course, Twitter reacted with many taking to remind Carlson that many homeless individuals are veterans. Additionally, data collected by PolicyAdvice noted that about 25% have mental health issues. Social media users called the Fox News host “;heartless,”; and pointed out that his ideology went against his supposed Christian values.

Except for that pesky data that 3/4 of the homeless population are not drug users and a big chunk of homeless Americans are veterans. But Tucker Carlson doesn”;t care about facts.

–; Ellis Crane (@Ellis_Crane) January 19, 2022

Others took the opportunity to point out that, once again, Carlson has just continued a rant and refused to give a real solution.

Tucker Carlson is ranting and raving against the homeless people who are on the streets, but he didn’t give any real solutions to help the problem, well his solution is to lock them up and put them in jail basically for being homeless.

–; Marc. (@MARCANDERSONNWO) January 19, 2022

He”;s done it, guys. Tucker Carlson has solved homelessness. The solution is to simply tell them to not be homeless 😊

–; Bradley Eversley (@ForeverEversley) January 19, 2022

This isn”;t Carlson”;s first attack on the homeless population; it is just the latest. According to The Washington Post, during a trip to Japan Carlson interviewed Trump and discussed the topic of homelessness and decay in America”;s largest cities in 2019.

I think we can all agree that the real attack on U.S. civilization is Carlson”;s existence.

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