‘Get rid of that man now!’: In viral TikTok, Woman says her boyfriend removed her male Facebook friends while she was asleep

 Woman exposes partner who presumably unfriended her male Facebook contacts in viral TikTok.

In a viral TikTok video, a female shares that her partner supposedly unfriended her male Facebook contacts while she was asleep.

““ I was questioning why my pals list kept decreasing every night. He be unfriending guys while I’’ m sleep, ” Zoe Hollibaugh (user @zoeehollibaugh) composed by means of text in the TikTok.


The TikToker consists of a screenshot of a minimum of10 users being unfriended on Dec. 10, as she mouths the fitting lyrics of “ Mr Mysterious ” by D-Block Europe. “ Are you severe “? Went through my phone while I ’ m sleeping. I ’ m furious. ”


The TikTok got more 300,000 viewssince Friday, and lots of users in the remarks shared comparable experiences with their partners.


“ My ex did this to me too !! He even erased peoplewho were“member of the family like what, ” one user stated.


“ My ex documented every guys name and I needed to discusswho they“were, ” stated another.


“ The night me and my ex exchanged [Instagram] password [s], I went to sleep with 4000 fans and awakened with 300, ” stated a 3rd.


Others alerted Hollibaugh of the intents of her partner ’ s habits.


“ Same &#x 1f644; I learnthe was in fact talking with other ladies which is why he was so insecure of the men on my fb lol, ” one user stated.


“ Watch that shit they be envious for a factor, generally they approximately some [thing], ” stated another.


“ Get rid of that guynow! ” a 3rd user” stated.

However, some TikTok users confessed to eliminating buddies from their partner’’ s social networks accounts themselves.

““ I captured my bf doing this, however I have actually been doing it to him too so I think we were implied to be,” ” one user stated.

““ Wait this is so amusing cause I utilized to do this to my partners good friend list #toxic,” ” stated another.


The Daily Dot connected to Hollibaugh by means of TikTok remarks.

Partner security is a continuous point of issue on social networks. Just recently, a female went viral on TikTok for calling Verizon and attempting to acquire her partner’s text history.

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