Get to Know Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall with These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Get to Know Access Hollywood's Zuri Hall with These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

It’s time to get to know Zuri Hall, who you may recognize from her two big NBC gigs!

First, Zuri is a correspondent for the long-running entertainment news show Access Hollywood. where she gets to interview top celebrity talent. She also acts as the show’s true crime expert! Be sure to tune in and watch Zuri in action every day.

Every summer, Zuri is the sideline reporter for the hit NBC reality show American Ninja Warrior!

She also recently started her own lifestyle podcast called “Hot Happy Mess,” meant to empower millennial women to live their “best life, minus the burnout.”

We got the chance to catch up with Zuri and you can learn more about her with these 10 Fun Facts

I’m a proud Buckeye grad & theatre geek from Toledo, Ohio
I have the same Meyers Briggs personality type as 2 of my faves — Oprah & Barack Obama (ENFJ!)
My favorite food is a perfectly seared ribeye with potatoes & spinach. Anything fried. And Pasta (with all the cheese, always)
My favorite red carpet interviews have been Oprah, George Clooney… and most recently: JAY Z!!
I had food poisoning the first time I interviewed Leo Dicaprio — still thanking God I didn’t puke on him!

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Favorite weekend activity is Yoga and BRUNCH (with bottomless mimosas, obvi)
I’m obsessed with TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé series
My favorite snack is HOT Cheetos!
I have a fruit-phobia! It freaks me out! So weird. (The fruit, not me… except, maybe me. lol)
My fave thing to do is host dinner parties with good friends, good food & good convo…. and lots. of. wine.

And a bonus, 11th fun fact!

You can find me at and on my social media platforms! @ZuriHall on Everything — but I’m super active on Instagram (and currently sharing a lot of my home reno BTS!)

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