Ghostwire: Tokyo is looking a little creepy, very weird, and all rad

Ghostwire: Tokyo is an upcoming action-adventure video game from Tango Gameworks (aka the folks behind The Evil Within ), which indicates it has ghosts and ghost-adjacent beasts in it. Last night Bethesda flaunted a bit more of the video game with a streamed display , with a 10 minute breakdown of the video game in action. I, nevertheless, was privy to a hands-off discussion that made up an entire half an hour of Ghostwire Tokyo being played. What high-end!

It advised me much less of The Evil Within than I anticipated. It has a great deal of scary aspects, do not get me incorrect, however Ghostwire: Tokyo is a lot more of an action video game utilizing the language of scary to communicate its styles than the other method around. Instead of investing the majority of your time on the back foot, sneaking around in the hope you can surpass a lumbering ball of dead girl limbs with the majority of your health undamaged, time in Ghostwire: Tokyo is most likely invested one-shotting headless satanic force schoolgirls with a weapon. The basic ambiance, if not the specifics, advised me a great deal of timeless, thundering 90s and 00s action movies like Blade. In other words, Ghostwire: Tokyo looks rad as hell. Even much better, it’s likewise unashamedly unusual.

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