Girlfriend Mistreats Boyfriend’s Cat, He Takes Cat’s Side, Wonders If He Did The Right Thing: AITA

We have heard endless stories about people misunderstanding cats, of people not understanding what certain behaviors mean. That is why some people actually believe that cats don’t love their owners, that it’s just a matter of them tolerating us for food. Cats act differently than other pets, differently than humans, they have different needs and different attitudes – also known as cattitudes. But what happens when a person’s lack of understanding makes them react in a bad way?

That is the situation that this Reddit user has found himself. His girlfriend, who is not used to living with pets, was at his house when his cat broke something of hers that was important to her. Now, as cat owners, we have all been there – we have gone through our cat’s shenanigans many times and have lost many precious things. But that was our choice and our responsibility. Would we have reacted as strongly as he did? Most likely, but we might have been worried the same way that he was as well. 


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