‘God’s given us everything we need’: Anti-vaxxer says drinking your own urine cures COVID vaccine side effects

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An anti-vaxxer is informing individuals to consume their own urine to combat negative effects from the COVID-19 vaccine, which he wrongly declares modifies your DNA.

Christopher Key describes himself as the “Vaccine Police.” He calls the pandemic the “plandemic” and describes vaccines as “hellish” and “Luciferian” and as bioweapons .

Key’s just recently been driving around the nation participating in anti-vax demonstrations and intending to carry out person’s arrests of Democratic guvs over vaccine requireds. Recently, he was jailed on a trespassing charge.

After being launched from prison, Key had some news for fans. Among his physicians, he stated, has actually determined how to combat the results of the COVID vaccine: Drink your own piss.


There is no proof that drinking urine has any health or medical advantages. Vaccines, nevertheless, are extremely reliable at decreasing the danger of death or hospitalization from COVID. The danger of major negative effects from vaccines is exceptionally low.

On Saturday, Key published a video advising individuals to consume their urine to combat the vaccine on his Telegram channel, where he has 24,000 customers. The remarks were initially reported by the Daily Beast .

Key doubled down on the suggestion in subsequent posts. In one post, he connects to a site called “Dr. Group’s Urotherapy Research.”

The website describes pee as “your own ideal medication.” The “Dr. Group” he describes seems a Texas-based life coach.

” Dr. Group is informing me that this is the remedy. I have actually practiced this myself for over 20 years,” he stated in a video published on Telegram on Monday, including. “I do this every day.”

” The remedy for those who have actually been immunized is to consume your own urine,” Key stated.

Often speaking in the 3rd individual, Key consistently made the disclaimer that he wasn’t personally informing individuals to consume their pee, Dr. Group is, and stated that they ought to do whatever God informs them to do. He appears quite encouraged that God would concur that urotherapy is the method.

” They have actually seen overall and total turnaround from doing this treatment,” Key firmly insisted.

Drinking pee, even their own, showed a bridge too far for a number of Key’s Telegram customers. One who stated she consumes the chlorine dioxide Key promotes wasn’t going to recycle physical waste as a drink.

” I will consume a few of his H2O however not his wee wee,” she composed .

Some were intrigued. “Thank you for informing we individuals you are the very best,” composed one.

One customer stated that they ‘d currently attempted it and liked it. They even provided some practical guidance for anybody ready to consume their urine.

” In the early morning is best. Mine tasted rather enjoyable like bovril (that’s a British beef tasting beverage),” they stated .

Another stated that drinking pee “pulls heavy metals from your body from chem routes.”

Key stays insistent that consuming your own piss does a body excellent.

” I do this and I understand that sounds insane,” he stated in the video. “But hey, we’re residing in insane times.”

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