‘HIGHLY unnecessary’: Viral TikTok allegedly shows mom calling ambulance for baby after goat bit his finger, dividing viewers

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A little young boy was bit by a goat while going to a pumpkin spot and supposedly wound up going to the healthcare facility. The event was stated in a multi-part TikTok series by the kid’s dad.

The very first video reveals the kid taking a look at the goats, separated by a fence. Among the animals poked its head through the fence’s big squares. It began to nibble on the kid’s hand, however the little young boy does not instantly see what’s going on.

After a couple of seconds of postponed response, the kid begins sobbing. The video then cuts to reveal his finger swelled and there’s some inflammation with a little bit of blood. This part seems shot later on at nighttime. The video then cuts to the child, in his carseat strapped into an adult-sized gurney, being removed in an ambulance, perhaps the day after. Later on in the video, the kid is laying in a medical facility bed.

The video got a massive 27.3 million views on the video-sharing platform because being published on Oct. 8 and was shown the caption, “My boy gets bit by a goat at pumpkin spot.”


In later on videos @trippydayyz lets individuals understand that, although the finger was contaminated, his kid is recuperating. While his little young boy is alright, it appears his checking account may take a hit. The daddy made another TikTok with text reading, “$ 15,000 expense for the ambulance wtf insurance coverage do not cover it. WTF.”


Some audiences believed the event might have been staged or overemphasized. Users mentioned the young boy’s clothing modifications in the very first video while others were doubtful of the ambulance expense. In remarks under the videos, the TikToker showed that the kid did get an infection from the goat bite, however a few of the other information might not hold true.

Still, individuals in the remarks are dramatically divided about the entire circumstance.

On one hand, there were those who are wanting the child a smooth healing and likewise making fun of the visual impact of a child in a comically big in contrast gurney.

” HIM ON THE STRETCHER,” composed @priinccess__.

On the other side, the frustrating bulk of commenters thing it’s the moms and dad’s fault for not taking note and after that overreacting.

” Why could not she simply drive him to the health center,” @abethebabe420 stated.

” He got bit on one finger not assaulted,” @tinekeyounger commented.

” Is he seriously on the stretch from a finger bite? Discuss remarkable,” @kuadlay007 stated.

User @songbird_nala summarize the remark area’s basic qualms: “1. kid was too near the enclosure 2. mother was not viewing 3. the finger is simply a little bruised and 4. ambulance was HIGHLY unneeded.”

The TikToker did not right away react to the Daily Dot’s ask for remark by means of TikTok remark.

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