Hopping On The Caturday Train With Fresh And Purrfect Cat Memes

Happy Caturday! Finally, oh my goodness, it’s the weekend, it’s Saturday, it’s Caturday. Holy moly, we are so excited, we could have three whole naps in a row. But no. No, we must start this purrfect day in the purrfect way – the only purrfect way – with some hisstercial fresh and delicious cat memes.

Every Caturday, we help you start the day off right by bringing together a whole collection of fresh cat memes for y’all. Because as a cat person, it is one of your duties to celebrate Caturday by giving cats as much love as you can in all the ways that you can. It’s not just about spending time with your actual cat – going through some Caturday cat memes is tradition, and it’s a tradition that we will all uphold. 


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