How Much Is That Lizard In The Window: A Look At Life Inside A Pet Store Through Photos

We’re be honest with you, here at I Can Has Cheezburger we’re huge fans of the whole. “adopt don’t shop” movement. We even wrote a really jazzy song about it, “adopt, don’t shop, give a little doggy a second shot”. So with that being said, we are not really huuuge fans of people getting their pets from a pet store. But our line of expertise is mainly related to caring for cats and dogs, we don’t know a whole lot about where the best places are to responsibly buy, say, a lizard, or a pet snake from. If you know, drop a comment below, and let’s get educated together!

But in the meantime, a talented individual created a very amusing photo gallery showing the different kinds of animal in a pet store and a little bit about each one, so let’s check that out together! If you like lizards, snakes, hamsters, fish, or any animals in between then you’re going to be really interested in this Imgur thread we’ve found. So without further ado, we hope you enjoy this wholesome animal content featuring a diverse array of scales and furry characters.


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