How to Make a QR Code in 7 Easy Steps

Floors. Ceilings. Restroom stall doors. These are simply a few of the locations you’ll discover QR codes. They’ve ended up being so ever-present that 45% of buyers utilized marketing-related QR codes in 2021.

There’s no rejecting the appeal and benefit of the QR code. What precisely is it? Why is it so popular? How can you develop one for your next marketing project?

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Keep checking out to find out the magic behind QR codes and how to produce your own.

QR codes generally appear like this:

 QR Code Example

Not every QR code is formed like an ideal square. In some cases they have special patterns, colors, and logo designs showed within. You’ll discover them in non-digital areas like direct-mail advertising, signs, signboards, and even television programs where you can scan the code on the screen utilizing your phone.

Both barcodes and QR codes can be scanned utilizing a smart device or a laser as long as the tool being utilized has the proper abilities of checking out horizontal and vertical information. The majority of smart devices scan QR codes instantly, numerous will not scan barcodes so quickly —– you’ll require a unique app for that.

Does the increase of QR codes indicate conventional barcodes are a distant memory? Naturally not. Standard barcodes are still a typical method for organizations to determine customer packaged products (CPGs) and handle their item stock.

 Barcode example

Image Source

 QR code example

Image Source

However, there are a number of distinctions in between barcodes and QR codes —– both in their usages and their qualities. Below are 3 essential distinctions.

.QR Codes Are Shaped Differently.

Barcodes are normally rectangle-shaped, which needs scanning gadgets to check out the barcode’s information horizontally. QR codes are frequently square-shaped, showing their information vertically and horizontally.

.QR Codes Hold Different Data.

QR codes are typically utilized in a different way than barcodes. Barcodes hold essential item info at the point of sale, such as the cost and name of the producer. QR codes provide more passive and intangible info, such as area information and URLs to promos and item landing pages.

.QR Codes Hold More Data.

Due to a QR code’s square shape, it can hold a lot more information compared to a barcode. QR codes can hold numerous times more encrypted characters than a barcode can.

We found out a bit about how barcodes and QR codes vary, however how precisely do QR codes work?

Let’s state a customer sees a QR code. They can secure their mobile phone, download a totally free QR code scanning app, or just utilize their phone’s video camera, and scan the QR code to get more details about what they saw.

If you wished to develop, state, a bus stop ad promoting your podcast, you might show a QR code on that printed advertisement that brings individuals best to your iTunes page when they scan it with their phones. Pretty basic?

The QR code production procedure is quite uncomplicated. Here’s how to start.

.Action 1: Choose the kind of material you’re promoting.

First, you’ll require to pick your preferred QR code generator. If you require some concepts, check out our list . For this example, we’re going to utilize qr-code-generator. com .

Select what kind of material you desire your QR code to reveal the user after they scan it. You can pick from among 10 content types, as displayed in the screenshot listed below.

We’re going to promote a URL that directs users to our podcast.

 How to Create a QR Code: Step 1

.Action 2: Enter your information in the kind that appears.

Once you pick the kind of material you’re promoting with this QR code, a field or kind will appear where you can go into the info that refers your project.

If you desire your QR code to conserve contact details, for instance, you’ll see a set of fields where you can enter your e-mail address, subject line, and associated message.

To conserve a link to our podcast, we’ll merely get in the URL in the field that appears, thus:

 How to Create a QR Code: Step 2

.Action 3: Consider downloading a vibrant QR code.

See the alternative listed below for “vibrant”? As soon as you print it, one considerable risk to making a QR code is that you can’t modify the information it includes. With vibrant QR codes, you can modify this information.

 How to Create a QR Code: Step 3 Dynamic QR code generator

With a complimentary subscription to QR code generators like qr-code-generator. com, you can print a vibrant QR code, scan it, and bring up an editable kind where you can customize the information your visitors will get when they scan the QR code themselves.

.Step 4. Personalize your QR code.

The enjoyable part of producing QR codes is personalizing the style of the codes to fit your brand name. Desire your code to appear like your logo design? Go all out. Desire it to show your site’s style plan? No issue.

Using qr-code-generator. com, we can personalize our QR code by clicking the button to the top-right, as displayed in the screenshot listed below. Bear in mind not every QR code maker uses this style choice– depending upon the QR code you’re aiming to create, you may discover some tools restricted in their performance.

 How to Create a QR Code: Step 4 Customize your QR code with a logo design

Of course, you can personalize your QR code even more —– changing the colors, including a logo design, developing social alternatives, and more.

Keep in mind, nevertheless, that some personalizations can make it harder for QR code scanning apps and mobile phone cams to appropriately check out the code. To cover your bases, it’s an excellent concept to create 2 variations of your QR code —– one plain variation and another with your favored style.

Speaking of this …

Step 5: Test the QR code to ensure it scans.

Don’t forget to examine to see if the QR code checks out properly, and make certain to attempt more than one QR code reader. An excellent location to begin is the totally free tool Google Goggles , which takes an image and after that informs you what link or product it ““ checks out to. ”


Another fantastic totally free tool is the app QR Code Reader , which immediately takes you to whatever it “ checks out. ” Most smart devices these days consist of an integrated QR code reader, “so you ought to check to make sure your code is understandable there.

. Action 6: Share and disperse the QR code.

A QR code will not have the ability to do its task unless individualssee it. Make sure you come up with a circulation strategy for sharing the code. This might consist of showing it in print advertisements, on clothes, or in physical places where individuals can get their phones to scan it.


Scroll down for more ideas on effectively showing a QR code .

.Action 7: Track and evaluate efficiency.

Just like any marketing project, you need to act on any security or projects utilizing QR codes to see whether they’re in fact working. Just how much traffic originates from each particular code? Are individuals scanning your code however not redeeming their deal once they get to the landing page? Or are they not even obliged enough to scan your QR code in the very first location?


Knowing the responses to these concerns will assist you fix and change improperly carrying out QR codes to more carefully mirror those that work well.


I suggest you consist of a UTM tracking code on your URL so you can much better determine efficiency– this is especially crucial if you utilize closed-loop marketing&analytics or if you carry out more thorough reporting on your projects.

. . How to Use QR Codes( And How Not to).

Now that you see how easy the QR code development procedure can be, let’s discuss some finest practices that’ll increase the possibility that your QR code in fact gets utilized.

. Show your QR code where it’s hassle-free for individuals to scan.

Put QR codes in locations where scanning them is simple and there’s sufficient time for the customer to scan the code. While you might frequently see QR codes on signboards and television commercials, they’re not precisely the most easy to use areas. It’s a security risk to lure individuals to take out their phones while driving to scan a code, and a 30-second commercial may not suffice time for somebody to discover their phone and scan the television.


Instead, think about locations where customers have the time and capability to scan the code. Places with a strong Wi-Fi connection will assist, too.

. Enhance the QR’s location page for mobile phones.

Mobile-optimize the page towhich you’re sending out individuals. Customers will be utilizing their phones when scanning the QR code, so they must come to a page with a favorable mobile experience.

. Consist of a CTA that triggers individuals to scan your QR code.

Offer a call-to-action( CTA )with the code– that is to state, inform individuals what they’re expected to do when they see the code, and what they’ll get if they scan it. Not everybody understands precisely what a QR code is, and those that do will not be encouraged to scan it unless they’re sure there’s something rewarding on the other side.

. Do not restrict your QR code to one mobile scanner.

Don’t need an unique QR code scanner. Your QR code must be app-agnostic so anybody can scan your code with any reader. A lower barrier to entry makes success most likely for you and the user.

. Utilize your QR code to make somebody’s life much easier.

Don’t utilize a QR code simply for the sake of utilizing one. It’s typical for online marketers to believe,” How can I bridge the offline experience with the online experience? Uhhh … QR code! “That’s not incorrect, however it’s not constantly right, either.

If you have material that makes good sense to provide to a mobile user, and you have a suitable channel to do it( see usage # 1 at the start of this area ), it’s most likely your QR code will drive outcomes.



Earlier, we revealed you an example of how to develop your own QR code, however you do not need to produce it from scratch. A QR code generator can accelerate the procedure (and take a great deal of mathematics out of it, too.)

. .


There are lots of QR code generators out there.The very best ones offer you numerous adjustable choices for utilizing your QR code, and compatibility with practically all mobile QR code reader apps.


Other things to try to find when picking a QR code generator are whether you can examine and track efficiency in real-time and style a code that’s special to your brand name.


Below are a few of our preferred QR code generators that make customized QR codes simple and fast to produce.

. 1. Kaywa

 Best QR Code Generator: Kaywa


Kaywa is an easy, no-fuss QR code generator that develops fundamental codes for vouchers, URLs, and contact details. Just enter your info, pick whether you desire a fixed or vibrant code, and create it.

. Why we like it:.

If you’re utilizing your QR code as part of a marketing project, you can track analytics through Kaywa when you develop an account. That method, you’ll have the current information on who engaged with your code, where they engaged, and when.

. 2.

 Best QR Code Generator:

. is a basic QR code generator that works finest with brief URLs, however it can be utilized to keep text, occasion, and geolocation information. Merely click the icon that represents your information and complete the fields.

. Why we like it:. If you’re including ending up touches to your marketing project, #ppppp> You’ll get a live sneak peek of your QR code in real-time which speeds things up. For an extra charge, you can likewise have your logo design contributed to your QR code by a designer for a custom-made appearance.

. 3. Free QR Code Generator by Shopify .

 Best QR Code Generator: Free QR Code Generator by Shopify

. When you have something to use the individuals who scan them, #ppppp> QR codes work best. And opportunities are, you’re most likely offering to individuals who purchase items online with their phones every day.

. Why we like it:.

Shopify makes it simple to produce a QR code in simply one click. The very best part is that you do not need to own a Shopify shop to utilize this complimentary tool.

. 4. Visualead  Best QR Code Generator: Visualead

Looking for an unique QR code that matches your brand name toa” T”? Visualead is the tool we suggest for the task.

. Why we like it:.

Visual QR codes are popular and can create more interest in your users than a normal black and white code can. That suggests you might see more scans and engagement on this kind of QR code.

. 5. The-qrcode-generator. com

 Best QR Code Generator: The-qrcode-generator. com


The-qrcode-generator. com includes a basic UI that lets you develop a distinct QR code in minutes. Merely include your URL or the info you wish to share and your QR code appears immediately.

. Why we like it:.

If you’re producing numerous QR codes at the same time, you may discover it rewarding to download the Google Chrome extension for a much faster workflow.

. 6. QR Stuff .

 Best QR Code Generator: QR Stuff


As one of the more robust QR code generators, QR Stuff can produce codes for almost any kind of information youwish to show the world. YouTube videos, Zoom conference invites, and even bitcoin info are supported through this tool.

. Why we like it:.

In simply 3 actions, you’ll have a complimentary, adjustable QR code that will operate appropriately and look terrific. Plus, there’s no limitation to the variety of codes you can develop.

. 7.

 Best QR Code Generator: Qr-code-generator. com


We utilized this QR code generator in our how-to guide above , and for great factor.Qr-code-generator. com is a basic tool that’s easy to use for even the least tech-savvy people. Merely drop your link into package, and let the generator do all the work.

. Why we like it:.

QR-code-generator. com is user-friendly. It’ll immediately identify the kind of URL you’ve included and produce a QR code in seconds.

. 8. QR Code Monkey


If the method your QR code looks is very important to you, however you do not wish to pay additional for a customized style, attempt QR Code Monkey. As soon as you include your URL, you can alter the color, include a logo design, and even more tailor the pixels in your code at no charge.

. Why we like it:.

With QR Code Monkey, the style possibilities are practically unlimited. All you require to develop a top quality QR code is a little persistence and an imaginative eye.

. Develop Your QR Code Today.

Now it’s your turn! You’ve invested adequate time scanning QR codes, why not make your own? Follow the actionsin this short article and utilize among the totally free QR code generators we’ve suggested to put your company, task, or occasion out there in the real life.


Editor’s note: This post was initially released in January 2021 and has actually been upgraded for comprehensiveness.


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