How To Remove Fluoride From Water Using Holy Basil

We currently spoke about fluoride here on the channel. Did you enjoy it? We will leave the video at the end of this one so you can view it.

As we saw, fluoride in excess can trigger lots of health concerns, among them being thyroid dysfunction. Did you understand that?

According to research study, fluoride triggers iodine shortage, which is essential for a healthy thyroid.

In today’s video, we will teach you to decontaminate drinking water with holy basil, likewise understood as tulsi –– Ocimum tenuflorum or O. sanctum.

Holy basil is a sneaking plant, initially from India and commonly studied at the University of Rajasthan for its medical capacity.

This is essential for the future of humankind given that fluoride can harm our health.

If you wish to find out more about holy basil, view the recommended video where we discuss the incredible advantages of this plant and teach you how to make tea with it.



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