‘I am not a Karen’: Woman allegedly calls Black woman N-word during Walmart confrontation in viral TikTok

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In a TikTok published this by Trinity Graves (@trinitygraves23), a white lady is seen chewing out more youthful Black female that she will not be called a “Karen.” In the video’s remark area, Graves composed that the white female called her pal, the Black female revealed, the N-word. It’s uncertain if this holds true, although the TikToker declares the event got the so-called Karen tossed out of the shop.

” My pal and I remained in tears after experiencing racial discrimination and white opportunity while attempting to store,” Graves continued. “She was tossed out of Walmart”


Graves supplied more context in the remarks.

” I was with my pal at Walmart and she was being disrespectful,” she stated of the female displayed in the video. “She continued to call my buddy a [N-word] due to the fact that she called her a Karen! She was racist.”

A commenter who recognized herself as Graves’ buddy in the video composed that the female stated, “Don’’ t you see me going shopping here you require to vacate my method.””


” So I provided her the name ‘Karen,'” @acmxx__ commented.

Some commenters on Graves’ video didn’t concur with her analysis of occasions.

” Why are you tinkering an old woman,” commented @sarasarasaraooo.

” If course they just reveal a little clip and no description,” composed @sarahboyd0805. “Older woman was most likely appropriate!”

” Those women are the issue not the old woman,” commented @markbuchanan835.

Graves reacted to @markbuchanan835’s remark repeating that the white lady was tossed out of the shop after their interaction.

Other commenters concurred with Graves that the white female was out of line.

” The only ppl getting warmed over being called a ‘Karen’ are Karen’’ s!” commented @jessica_2780.

Karen has actually ended up being web slang for an entitled, and typically racist, white female who triggers a stir in public. Videos of these occurrences regularly go viral online. As an outcome of the term’s appeal, numerous so-called “Karens” take offense to the label and wrongly correspond it with racist slurs.

The Daily Dot has actually connected to Graves through TikTok remark, and Walmart through e-mail.

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