‘I can really mess this up’: Driver’s front axle breaks at gas station, Male Karen threatens him for not moving car

 male karen filling station supervisor tiktok viral video

A TikToker published a video of her bro having an argument with a gasoline station supervisor, who she referred to as “absolutely a Karen in male kind,” attempting to get them to move their automobile stuck in the gasoline station parking area — — although the automobile plainly required to be pulled away as a tire had, in her words, “fallen off.”

The video originates from TikToker @taeirish , who recorded the argument on the platform, with 1.5 million views on the 3rd video in the three-part series.

It started with the TikToker telling the scenario: She remained in the vehicle with her sibling, and they were revoking a parking area in a Flagstaff, Arizona gasoline station when part of the front axle broke, leaving the automobile not able to move.

Then, the video breaks right into the middle of the action—– she keeps in mind that a number of discussions had actually happened in between the male Karen supervisor, who desired the unmovable automobile moved, and her bro, who was attempting to call their dad and authorities to come help.

” You look after your shit,” the bro encouraged. “I’m attempting to look after my shit. Let’s simply wait on the cops and stop speaking to me.”

But as a minimum of one commenter mentioned, the supervisor looked like he was attempting to provoke the scenario, fulfilling the bro’s demand with risks like, “I will call the emergency situation number and state you’re being combative” and “I can truly mess this up.”

They do concern some sort of understanding, nevertheless, that the supervisor, in spite of making risks about calling the cops, does not wish to take the brother or sisters to prison for helplessly being in a vehicle with a damaged wheel and revealing disappointment.


There’s likewise a sequel video that exposes a bit more about the male Karen’s issues, that includes revealing he does not desire them to do the repair work in the parking area. (The sibling shows he’s in contract with that.)


The supervisor likewise declares, “You would be having a lot much better luck with me, if you weren’t simply stating and being a cock ‘Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you.'”

” I never ever stated ‘Fuck you’ one time,” the bro asserted—– which led the supervisor to make an argument that appeared to come down to “you can state it without in fact stating it with your mindset.”

Then, there’s a part 3 in which the daddy lastly shows up, calls the supervisor an “ass,” and after that the household continues to attempt to move the vehicle into a parking area, utilizing the vehicle’s jack for utilize, while the supervisor calls the cops.

As the TikToker reported, when the authorities lastly showed up, they examined that very little might actually be done up until a tow truck got here.


Though the captions in the video actually assisted to draw out the entire narrative arc in the legend, the developer entered into the remarks area to expand a lot more informing information.

” At this point,” stated one observer in the part 3 video, “I would simply put the window up. I swear this guy is simply attempting to trigger problems.”

” Definitely an employee came near us,” the developer addressed, “and stated he has his days and not to stress over it.”

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