‘I cant imagine making a condescending TikTok and making a service worker that makes 11 dollars remake a drink’: Woman blasts Starbucks barista, sparking debate

A TikTok developer is being called out by a few of her audiences for making a video in which she slams a Starbucks staff member for making a beverage that does not match a MAC structure shade.

” When I ask the barista to please remake my beverage since it looks about 3 tones lighter than NC40, and she states it was currently made properly,” a text overlay on the video checks out.


The TikToker reveals her very first drink, then takes out a 2nd beverage that is a somewhat much deeper shade of brown. The audio accompanying the video, to which she lip-syncs, states, “that was awkward, I actually hope you’re ashamed.”

Some users called the video “condescending,” and stated it was unneeded when all she needed to do was request for the beverage to be remade.

” Embarrassing?” one commenter composed. “IDK errors occur. They will happily repair the error. It’s not humiliating. Simply kinda a condescending audio.”

When another user suggested that they believed it was a bit outrageous that she was having a service employee remake a beverage due to the fact that it wasn’t the best color, she clapped back, stating that it was a costly beverage and she anticipated it to be made properly.

” Or imaging paying additional for modifications like coconut milk bc you can’t do dairy and not just they get the order incorrect, you get charged for it,” she composed. “Repeatedly.”

Other commenters concurred with her, stating that if she spent for a beverage to be made a particular method, it ought to be made that particular method and produce the exact same outcomes whenever.

” Hey there I’m a barista and espresso beverages must constantly end up the very same color,” one commenter composed. “If the espresso screwed up—– not your fault. We need to remake it for you.”

When another commenter concurred that something was up with the beverage, and it appeared like the espresso had actually been improperly prepared, they asked the poster to kindly let somebody understand. The poster stated she did, however was annoyed with reactions she regularly got over her beverages.

” I do let them understand kindly,” she composed. “It’s simply aggravating when they inform me I’m incorrect or imitate I’m being too fussy. Moooost times they remake it no issue.”

The Daily Dot has actually connected to @conniecantu through Instagram DM.

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