‘I really hope they compensate you’: Sculptor claims Disney stole his figurine design in viral TikTok

'' Disney took my' work ' (L) Disney Enchanted Tiki Room sculpture (M) 3D printed design for Tiki Sculpture (R)

In a viral TikTok, a carver declares Disney “took his art work” and is offering copies of his style in its parks.

TikToker and carver Andrew Martin (@monstercaesarstudios) published a video Saturday comparing his work to product discovered at Disney World. His video has actually given that reached over 635,000 views.

@monstercaesarstudios Disney Stole and is offering my work @disneyparks #stolenart #artistontiktok #disney ♬ initial noise- Andrew Martin- Sculptor .

In the video, Martin discusses that he produced a fanart sculptureof among the characters from the Enchanted Tiki Room, a destination at the Disney parks. He released his design of the sculpture on Thingiverse– a file-sharing website– so others might 3D print and construct it themselves.

. That remained in 2018. Now, Disney World is obviously offering a figurine of that exact same Tiki Room character, and Martin states its style looks strangely comparable to his. Martin explains some significant information– little cuts, damages, and adjoined circles– that equal in between his design and Disney ’ s statues.


“ It did look a lot like mine, due to the fact that it is mine, ” Martin states in the video.” Disney’is taking credit formy work and offering it in their parks without my approval,” permission, and even providing artist credit. ”


Many commenters were helpful of Martin and required Disney to pay him for his work.


“ This is ridiculous, I actually hope they compensate you for your work! ” one user commented.


“ You can demand the credit and payment, ” another user composed. “Disney remains in the incorrect. ”


Others mentioned” that Disney has a history of taking artists ’ work.


“ They presumably do this to Star Wars fan designs all the time, ” one usercommented.( YouTuber ” Eckharts Ladder has actually made numerous viral videos recording these allegations .) Since Martin “ copied ” them initially, #peeee

Some users commented that Disney had a right to utilize Martin ’ s style.


But as Martin’displays in the video, he released his style” under a Creative Commons license The license permits him to make and share styles based upon Disney ’ s initial characters, as long as he– and anybody who utilizes his styles– doesn’’ t offer them and offers—credit to Disney.


—Martin likewise discusses that his work was most likely taken by an independent artist contracted to develop the figurine.


“ So the most likely thing is the burglar was some lazy waste of skin, talentless hack, that got himself or herself a simple payday by taking my work and passing it off as their own, ” Martin states.


The Daily Dot has actually connected to Martin through TikTok and the contact” type on his site . We ’ ve likewise connected to Disney through e-mail.


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