’I’m still laughing!’: Trump-supporting Karen tries to snatch Black Lives Matter flag from protester’s hands

 A female attempted to nab a BLM flag from a guy

A video shared on Twitter today reveals a white female in a ““ Trump 2020 ” T-shirt chewing out a protester and attempting to take a Black Lives Matter flag from his hands.

In a set of videos, the female verbally assaults the protester and consistently asks if they understand who’s in charge of the Black Lives Matter motion.

The very first video was shared by reporter Kyle Land on Monday and has actually given that been seen more than 56,000 times. Land reported that “motorists likewise shouted homophobic slurs” at the protester throughout the occurrence in Boise, Idaho. The Daily Dot connected to Land for remark by means of Twitter.


The video starts with the female grasping the protester’s flag while shaking her hands and asking, ““ Who is the head of this? ”


“ Let go of my flag, ” the protester states, attempting to retreat fromher.


As the protester breaks away from the lady, she follows him and states, ““ You must get notified about who you’’ re supporting. ”


“ Lady, you require to get control of yourself, ” the protester states.


“ I ’ m not stopping him,” the lady states to individuals off-camera. “I desired him to inform me who heads Black Lives Matter, and he does not understand.”

““ You ’ re an adult, imitate one,” ” the protester states.


“ I ’ m simply attempting to assist you,” ” the lady states prior to leaving the frame of the cam.

In another video that Land stated was recorded by the protester’s partner, the lady scolds the protester with more concerns about who supervises of the BLM motion.


““ Do you understand who represents BLM? Do you understand who heads that?” ” she states consistently. ““ Terrorists.”


In the background, a group of individuals drive by and scream homophobic slurs at the group.

The video was later on shared by @davenwworld_2, a Twitter account that records occurrences of discrimination and exposes racists.

Many praised the protester for asking the lady to ““ get control of [her] self.””


“ I’m still chuckling! Like he was speakingto a kid describing why they needed to provide instructor back the flag! ” one Twitter user composed in reaction to the video.


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