Inside The Wonderful World Of Russian Cat Nicknames

They state that in the Inuit culture, there are countless words for snow. This is in fact not precisely real, however we were quite delighted to find out that in the Russian language and other comparable slavic languages, there are apparently limitless words for felines. Russian illustrator FILKIT showed the kinds of felines you can discover in Russia based upon their labels, and it’s quite heckin’ interesting. The name translations stimulated a remarkable discourse on Twitter.

Suffice to state that individuals were quite curious about how their own felines would be hired Russian, and the Russian side of Twitter enjoyed to make tips for enjoyable Russian feline labels . Feel in one’s bones, the label offer to your feline will depend a great deal of your feline’s head shape . Sorry, we do not make the guidelines about Russian feline labels, although that’s a task we ‘d quite take pleasure in. Without additional ado, we hope you get a kick out of these Russian feline labels:


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