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Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the series Inventing Anna.

Aside from the fashionable outfits, glamorous parties, and entertaining drama, a large part of what makes Inventing Anna such a great miniseries are the well-written lines from its characters. Anna Delvey’s quotes are, of course, almost always the most memorable ones from the show.

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From her emphasis on working hard to her insistence on the VIP treatment, the con artist’s best lines often underscore her fascinating personality and mysterious background. She may have become a polarizing character since the series’ initial release, but it’s undeniable that she has said some iconic lines (delivered spectacularly by Julia Garner).

The protagonist immediately positions herself as the best character in Inventing Anna during the intriguing opening sequence of the miniseries. Her overconfidence shines through the voiceover, which is complemented by news reports about the fake German heiress and her unbelievable story.

Viewers are either completely hooked by her insistence on being “a masterpiece” or offended by her demand for them to “pay attention” while they “sit on” their “fat a*s and watch.” It’s an effective introduction that certainly keeps audiences watching for a little bit longer to learn more about Anna and her time in New York.

Audiences know now that Anna Delvey is a drastically different person from the young Anna Sorokin from a small town in Germany. She learned everything about fashion, luxury, and even socializing with the filthy rich by reading magazines as a teen – it’s the kind of information about her past that Vivian wants access to.

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The journalist is unable to pry it out of Anna in prison, though, as the fraudster is clearly offended when Vivian asks who can “better shed light on who” the con artist was before. Anna reminds her that it may be better to stop thinking of her like everyone else who’s so “basic,” which likely doesn’t help Vivian’s story at all.

Anna is smart enough to know that things don’t come easy for those who don’t have money. When Neff tries to explain to her why she can’t just drop everything and become a director, Anna tells her that she understands that she has “to work hard to get” what she wants, but her best friend likely had no idea about the context behind that at that moment.

Anna had to build an image of herself that’s far from who she actually is. She refuses to be rejected just because of where she comes from, so she decides to change her history – it’s certainly not a good thing to do, but it’s also not an easy feat to pull off.

Anna’s most intense confrontation with Chase ensues after he finds out that her last name is actually Sorokin. When he asks her who she really is and why she’s lying about her name, Anna masterfully evades his questions by persuading him to believe that she only changed her name to be taken seriously in NYC (which isn’t too far from the truth).

It’s the first time Chase (and audiences) hear about the Anna Delvey Foundation, and it distracts and inspires the businessperson enough to forget about his suspicion – he even promises to support Anna. It’s yet another example of how easy it is for the protagonist to manipulate others.

Anna doesn’t understand why Neff won’t pursue her dream of becoming a director. Even though Neff doesn’t know it at that moment, Anna comes from an average family like she does and has to build and work for everything she has (albeit in a questionable manner).

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When she says she works for what’s “important enough,” she’s likely also referring to how she rebrands herself and infiltrates the elite circles in NYC. It doesn’t matter to her that she’s defrauding and potentially hurting people along the way, as she’s focused on her ultimate goal to establish the ADF.

It’s almost hard to believe how Vivian ends up liking Anna after all the insults, snide remarks, and demands from the protagonist. One of her most memorable lines is said after Vivian makes the foolish mistake of missing a scheduled visit with Anna, and then fails to give a valid excuse.

Anna doesn’t see “being pregnant” as a good reason not to see her, so she tells Vivian that “people have babies every day” and reminds her that she’s “not special.” It’s a somewhat comedic and definitely jarring line that’s repeated by the journalist as she’s giving birth, and it weirdly motivates her enough to push through the pain of delivery.

When Vivian attempts to question Anna about why she manipulated Alan, she asks if the fact that he underestimated her motivated her to humiliate him. It predictably only makes Anna scoff, and she pointedly asks the journalist if she seriously thinks “he’s in any danger of losing anything.”

She reminds Vivian that “men fail upwards all the time” and “every day men do far worse things” than anything she has allegedly done. Indeed, Anna has to convince powerful men that she’s worth the investment and there are uncomfortable moments where they obviously think they can walk all over her because she’s a woman.

One of the several reasons Neff continues to believe in Anna despite all of the allegations is that the protagonist made sure to somehow pay off her debt to both the hotel and to her best friend. Neff knows she has damaged the relationship when Anna hands her a wad of cash and tells her it’s “the money” she owes her.

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After the protagonist tells her to “get away from all these basic b****s” because she’s better than that place, she tries to invite Neff to go with her to Morocco. Neff’s rejection only prompts a disappointed Anna to tell her that “life is for living,” which obviously hurts the concierge who can’t keep up with her best friend’s lavish lifestyle.

Anna has an interesting (if not somewhat unsettling) conversation with Todd’s son when he picks up the phone because his parents are busy fighting. The fraudster tells the young boy that he can use his parents’ unstable relationship to get what he wants.

The protagonist tries her best to explain to the kid how “guilt and love” can be used to exploit the people who care about him. It’s almost as if she’s telling audiences how she manages to get characters like Todd, Vivian, and Neff to do whatever she wants.

For most fans, it’s clear what Anna wants in exchange for an exclusive interview. She can’t stop mentioning the numerous benefits of a “media visit” when compared to a “regular visit.” Vivian probably didn’t have to go to Neff and bribe her with a cup of coffee just for that information.

Anna’s iconic line about how “VIP is always better” has been repeated several times in the fandom and even turned into memes. According to the con artist, the journalist just has to “be willing to do the work,” which just meant going through the motions of filing the proper paperwork to score a private room with her interviewee.

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