Is Chocolate City “Ready To Love?” Meet The D.C. Singles Daring To Date On OWN’s Unscripted Series

Who understood chocolate was so hot??? OWN just dropped the brand-new trailer for the upcoming season of ” Ready To Love” and whew chileeee. We can’t wait! Examine it out listed below:

We do not understand if we’re prepared for ” Ready To Love” after seeing that trailer!

Do you believe this season will FINALLY be the one when we get some couples who remain together AFTER the program?

Let’s satisfy the songs!

 Ready To Love Key art and cast images for DC season

Source: Kelvin Bulluck/ OWN

Here’s the people:

Lamont, 44 Cyber Security

Frank, 35 Cocktail Brand Owner

Dante, 38 Deputy Superintendent

Cornelius, 39 Electrical Engineer

Corey, 40 Fitness fitness instructor

Carrington, 33 Nightlife Marketing CEO

Walter, 46 Entrepreneur

Tyrone, 44 Cyber security expert

Phil, 37 Marketing Consultant (PR) Govt

Nai’’ im, 40 Program Manager

And here are the women who they’ll be charming

 Ready To Love Key art and cast images for DC season

Source: Kelvin Bulluck/ OWN

Mumen/ 36 Singer/ Songwriter

Zadia/ 35 Personal Trainer

Libba/ 44 Professor of Marketing

Shiloh/ 33 Technical Program Analyst

Sabrina/ 45 Fashion Designer

Aisha/ 37 Hair Salon Owner

Tisia/ 33 Tech Startup Founder

Kheri/ 37 Real Estate &&Interior Décor

Kamil/ 42 Teacher

Courtney/ 30 Business Consultant

We’re delighted! We’ve been following this program from the start and it’s been oh-so-entertaining to see each week and see grown folks attempting to get their lives together and open for love in methods they’ve never ever done prior to.

Any favorites from previous seasons?

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